Galaxy S8 & S8+ Hands on First Impressions. 

-Imagine if the note 7 and the S7 edge hooked up and had a love baby. that offspring would be the Samsung Galaxy S8 +. Without the battery issue of course. At least that’s what they’ve promised us. Without further Ado I give you my initial thoughts and first impressions. 

-Included is the Note 7’s iris scanner technology, a minority report esque feature for high tech security. 

-Speaking of security, the fingerprint sensor is in a very odd place in my opinion. It is located on the back next to the camera. You can expect smudges on the protective glass, covering the camera lens, while trying to locate the fingerprint scanner. 

If ever there was a bells and whistles kind of company.. Samsung’s it. I’m not going to lie, this phone feels great in the hand. I know that’s become a sort of trendy catch phrase for phone reviewers but it’s true.

-Samsung has outdone themselves this time. With the S8+ version you have a 6.2 inch screen that feels smaller than it is, this is most definitely a sight to behold, an amazing design feat no doubt. The same holds true with the smaller of the 2 weighing in at 5.8″ diagonally.

-The fact that both phones have such small footprints, with the screen sizes they have, is a design beauty. They have over an 84% screen to body ratio, with symmetry all around. As far as overall design and aesthetics, in my opinion, this is one sexy phone. (I had touched the S8 screen below as I placed it against the wall, hence the notifications tray and navigation buttons) 

-The next category I’d like to give my impressions on is screen quality. As I’ve stated in previous articles this is an area in which Samsung excels in, and is the undisputed heavy weight champion of. The screens on the S8 & S8+ are simply gorgeous. Rocking 2k Quad HD super AMOLED displays with HDR included. HDR, the slight edges and that crazy 2:1 ratio make this what Samsung calls the world’s first “infinity display”. Whatever that means. 

-What stands out most with this phone, besides the beautiful display is the display aspect ratio. It’s being called 18:9 or 2 by 1. Put simply it’s twice as tall as it is wide. This is the same as the LG G6. That review is coming shortly if you were wondering. Both the G6 and S8 have HDR screens.

-HDR stands for high dynamic range and it’s been all the hype in the TV industry for the past couple of years or so. If you bought a high end 4K television in 2016 or this year, it’s probable that it will be HDR capable.

-HDR means the display is able to produce a wider range of colors, bringing a truer to life representation of… well… True.. life, and you might hear talk about 10-bit or 12-bit color. Basically it will display magenta, green hues, reds, etc. as it is intended to be viewed. But it’s not only about color. HDR also incorporates higher levels of brightness.

-This display defies the traditional framework of screen tech and trends. Dat bezel though. My God it’s gorgeous. Anyways where was I. Onwards and upwards, we now come to the pressure sensitive psuedo-button that is Incorporated into and part of the screen making it invisible. Which aids in the extreme minimalist bezels drooled over above. 

-Located bottom center, this area of the screen essentially gives when you push. Combine that with taptic feedback and neato! (think iPhone 7 home sensor). As I was pushing it today, I thought ‘hey cool parlor trick’, and quickly realized it’s somewhat gimmicky. I then moved on, as we shall do now.

-USB Type C, wireless charging, The same camera sensor as the S7 with enhanced software and processing, all glass design, slightly curved and less pronounced edges, all make a return to this beast of a device. What’s new is the latest Snapdragon 835 Processor (for the states anyways). Combine that with 4gb of RAM and the onboard Adreno 540 graphics processing unit and expandable storage and you’ve got a powerful pocket computer. Speaking of computers. 

-Meet the DeX. Samsung’s attempt at what Microsoft did last year with Continuum. In essence place your Galaxy in the dock, hook the dock up to a TV or monitor via HDMI, throw in a mouse and keyboard via the two USB ports on the dock or, DeX, and viola you have a makeshift computer. With onboard fans for cooling the phone. The S8 or S8+ would essentially be acting as the brains, the Tower, as it were. The whole interface reminds me of Chrome OS. Cool idea, we’ll see how it fairs in the upcoming months. 

-How all this super high end powerful tech will affect the battery life of these 2 phones, will remain to be seen. The S8 has a 3,000 mAh battery while the S8+ has a 3,500 mAh battery. In today’s age this means nothing. 

– Lastly I would like to talk about Bixby… this shot taken from the website…

– This a small look at Samsung’s second attempt at AI… S-voice was horrible, while Bixby seems promising. Imagine looking in your photo gallery, and saying “send this to Mom” and it did! The Bixby hardware button, located on the left,  is an interesting design implementation choice. All in all Bixby is potentially an amazing voice assistant. Why you need that on a Google Assistant enabled device is unknown to me… However, I didn’t get to play with it much today, but hopefully it delivers. 

-Bixby plans on besting Siri and Google Assistant. Samsung claims that since it is integrated into hardware features like the camera and fingerprint sensor and so on… That the software and hardware work in conjunction to give you a more powerful AI. It will be more immersive and accurate in essence. 

-In conclusion my few short hours aren’t warranted enough for a review, as soon as I get my review unit in and get to spend some precious time with it, I’ll drop a few lines. Consider this my first thoughts and impressions. Hopes and dreams alike… The “norms” as Michael Fisher (Mr. Mobile) calls them will be lining their pockets with this phone. But I think the geeks will as well.  Included in the box will be 100$ set of AKG earbuds! A Treat for those of you reading this to the end. 

A beautifully crafted Uber powered spec’d out, symmetrical, high end-cutting edge Phablet is all any “Phabletguru” truly wants. This has been my first ever hands on impressions article. Made possible by viewers like you.


Anxiously Awaiting The Galaxy S8

-By now we all know about the Note 7 fiasco. The official report from Samsung states it was a design flaw, there was so much stuff crammed into the casing that the battery had no room to expand. Did this, or I should say, will this hurt the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8? Is the name of Galaxy now tainted? Only time will tell.

-Personally I believe that Samsung will not be affected and that they will deliver a superb phone in the S8. Samsung will not be announcing the phone at the annual Mobile World Congress event as they have traditionally done. Instead they’ve opted for a solo debut at a Samsung event later this month. I think that’s a good marketing/pr move. The launch will likely be about a month after the debut, so look for it to launch in late March, perhaps early April. 

-These are some of the renderings of possible design and build of the Samsung Galaxy S8. If they are even remotely as beautiful as the concepts pictured we are in for a treat folks. Samsung prides themselves on the aesthetic quality of their phones. A pride that didn’t really come into being until the Galaxy s6 lineup. Hardware rumors aside I would like to delve into what we should expect and a little of what we hope to see with Samsung’s upcoming flagship. 

-I’m hopeful for the edge variant to possess a 4k ultra high-definition super AMOLED display. This would be perfect for the VR (virtual reality) trend sweeping the nation. It’s the next logical step, we’ve seen screen resolutions (with the exception of iPhone) continually increase. There is a possibility that the iconic home button will be retired. And many believe there will be a dual camera setup.

-Incremental upgrades are always present in phone successors. Better battery, faster processor, more ram, etc… And we will expect this. Hopefully they keep the micro SD card slot for expandable storage. The “no home button thing” for this Phabletguru is no big deal. However if they pull an Apple and get rid of the headphone jack many might be upset.

-Expect to see the Note 7’s Iris scanner technology. There are also speculations that the iconic “S Pen” will come with the larger “edge” variant of the Galaxy S8. if this is true would that imply that the Galaxy Note series is dead? I hope not. Wireless charging will assuredly return along with water and dust resistance. 

-Other than that the most drastic changes, in my opinion, will be in design and camera. Samsung might try and give “S Voice” a facelift to compete with Siri and Google assistant. I think that Samsung should nix  SVoice and just use Google Now. I don’t see that happening though. It would leave more room for advancements in other areas.

-Lastly, Samsung being the Consumer electronics giant that they are, will undoubtedly make an amazing smartphone. After all Samsung is the “Apple” of Android. I’m allowed to say that right? Keep the channel locked here for more on the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Edge.

-This has been a Phabletguru News Brief-

Another New BlackBerry No One Will Buy

-BlackBerry is kind of like a murder victim in horror movies that just won’t die. The ONLY way the murder victim will die is when he or she is beheaded, stabbed in the heart, shot with a shotgun, dismembered, cut into pieces and finally set on fire. The same seems to hold true with BlackBerry formerly known as RIM. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Android run BlackBerry Priv was a beautiful uniquely designed amazing device, that no one bought.

-Yes, there is a new BlackBerry which debuted at CES (consumer electronics show) 2017. It is built by TCL a company that also makes Alcatel phones. Which was apparent in the last two Alcatel idol 4 inspired BlackBerry Dtek devices. As Mr. Mobile said about those TCL built BlackBerry phones, they didn’t have any BlackBerry DNA. This has been corrected in the latest TCL built BlackBerry “mercury” the supposed code name for this new phone.

-BlackBerry made a ‘better late than never’ move when it chose to ditch it’s own OS in favor of Android on the BlackBerry Priv. However this may have been to little, too late for the Canadian based company. One has to ask, if TCL built the hardware, and the software is Android, what does BlackBerry have to do with the phone? The answer……very little. 
-There are some BlackBerry applications and software overlays on these phones and of coarse the BlackBerry logo on the phone, and that’s about it. However BlackBerry’s design makes a comeback with the upcoming unnamed BlackBerry phone.

-As seen from the pictures the traditional BlackBerry qwerty keyboard comes over ditching the sliding keyboard found on the Priv. Not a whole lot is known about the phone. More will be known at the upcoming annual mobile world Congress event where it will be officially 

-I hope BlackBerry sells the crap out of this phone. I have always been a fan, though I’ve long since moved on to Android. Unfortunately I do not see this getting anywhere near the amount of sales needed to be a once again profitable success. Thus we are left with the cutting up into pieces phase of BlackBerry’s death. They just won’t die, and almost no one will buy. 

-I’m sure it will be an amazing phone, and yes there will be some tech enthusiasts’ who will buy it. But when you have such an over saturated market with only two big companies holding the majority of handsets bought, you start to wonder how it will do. I’m inclined to believe that this isn’t the reviving BlackBerry was hoping for or needed.

-This has been a test of your emergency phabletguru networking system, had it been a real emergency you shouldn’t be reading blogs. You would need to assess the emergency at hand and act accordingly.-

SprinT-Mobile? Merger?

-This is all speculation at this point, but it is rumored within corporate circles that there might be a Sprint T-Mobile merger in the works. If this goes through it will be one of the biggest corporate mergers in history. The failed AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile back in 2011 was a completely different beast. At&t was “buying” T-Mobile for 39 Billion big ones. What is rumored here is a “merger”not a takeover.
-Sprint Nextel, in the last couple years has had an amazing comeback in network and customer base. The Sprint brand is crystal clear and growing more rapidly than any other wireless provider here in the states. “Can you here me now?” is a witty ad campaign where the now infamous Paul from the old Verizon commercials is making Sprint commercials. Can you hear that Verizon? Paul made the switch and so are many others. Sprint has been purchasing spectrum and innovating technologies into it’s network at a rapid pace. Sprint was the first to incorporate LTE plus & 3×20 ghz carrier aggregation. That’s my inner nerd emerging. Suffice to say Sprint has dug itself out of a hole. Partly due to the failed AT&T purchase of T-Mobile, which was opposed by Sprint and many other corporations. That shot down takeover allowed for more competition in the free market. The opposite would’ve been close to monopoly status.

-T-Mobile on the other hand has seen better days. It did gain a little money from the failed AT&T purchase, however they are steadily losing customers to the other three carriers. This is a sad thing, I will always have a special place in my heart for T-Mobile for a couple of reasons. First and foremost the sidekick line of phones back in the golden era of feature phones was very popular and one of my all time favorite phones. The way it swiveled out was way cool and different. It had a text-instant message thing about it, a messaging-email focused o.s. and design that had youthful appeal. Secondly, T-Mobile was the first American carrier to sell Android with the introduction of the words first Android phone, the HTC G1. AKA the T-Mobile G1, or the HTC Dream.

-The rumor of this merger comes from the meeting President Elect Donald Trump had in Trump Tower with Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son. Mr. Son, who bought Sprint for 32 billion dollars back in 2013, has stated he originally wished to merge Sprint with T-Mobile. That plan was blocked by the federal government as other such mergers have been. In the meeting with Trump Mr. Son vowed to invest 50 Billion big ones in the US to create 50,000 new jobs. The details of this meeting are unknown at the moment, but we suspect here at PhabletGuru that it implies the merger will take effect with help from Good Ol’ Donald Trump our next President. Sprint currently employs about 30,000 people and T-Mobile about 50,000. The merger would add 50,000 jobs to that, bringing the total number of employees about the same as Verizon. Working in the industry myself, I am excited about this possibility and opportunity.

-This has been a Phabletguru news brief. The proceeds from donations will go to corporate bigwigs, and their over full pockets. As always keep on keepin on.

Are We Witnessing The Death Of Samsung?

-A PhabletGuru News Brief-

-Here is a company that rose up from under the shadows of the almighty iPhone amongst many other competitors under that shadow to become a kind of Android juggernaut of sorts. Samsung has it’s hands in so many various products it’s amazing how successful it’s Galaxy line of phones has become. I myself thoroughly enjoyed my Galaxy Note 2 & 4. This powerhouse of a reputation is in jeopardy of losing customer base and profit due to the fact that their products keep exploding! Several weeks ago the massive undertaking of a global scale recall of millions of Galaxy Note 7’s was a shocking blow to this South Korean Tech Giant. If that wasn’t bad enough several replacement Note 7’s have also caught fire and/or exploded issuing a possible death sentence to Samsung. Not to mention the incident with a Samsung washing machine supposedly exploding as well. For your safety I recommend that you not buy any Note 7’s. 

-The Question I am left asking myself is will Samsung scrap this whole Note project completely? I don’t think Samsung could afford another global recall. Because of this fact there is another question which pops into mind, who will stand to benefit from this? Hopefully all the other players in the mobile Android space such as Motorola, LG, HTC, BlackBerry, Alcatel, Huawei, Sony etc…. Will get some much needed sales. Unfortunately In the minds of the common consumer Samsung is synonymous with Android. Working, as I do, in the mobile retail industry I can tell you that there is a percentage of people who don’t know the difference between operating systems and legitimately think that LG, HTC, etc. have proprietary operating systems (i.e. not Android). This leaves one company, one player in the mobile industry that stands to gain from Samsung’s misfortune. Namely Apple Inc. 

-Samsung has halted all productions of the Galaxy Note 7. In the US, At&t has confirmed it is removing it from their lineup. T-Mobile and Verizon have made similar statements. Sprint is the only one not yet jumping ship, however we here a PhabletGuru expect that to change shortly. Where does that leave Samsung? Some have speculated that they are going to have an early release of their Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. Will they scrap the Note line completely? Which begs the question will we no longer see the Spen in the phablet market? The iconic stylus that has changed the way we see phablets and productivity will exist no more? I for one personally do not want that to happen. The functionality and content creation aspects that this iconic stylus brings to the table are simply amazing. Only Time will Tell the fate of Samsung and or the Note series.

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-A sad 😢 PhabletGuru news brief-

The Artist Formerly Known As BlackBerry

-This news is brought to you by PhabletGuru, your one stop shop for all things mobile, a Tech-centric company. 

-Ahh Good’Ol RIM…. Smartphones, before smartphones, was the name of the game for this innovative Canadian company. BlackBerry’s rightful place in the mobile temple of sacred artifacts has been sealed.  Can you say secure email on a cell phone? BlackBerry can, and did with the RIM 850. BlackBerry pioneered and made popular several features within the world of mobile technology focusing on email and productivity. Some of which still persist today, while other features remain endangered as it were, namely the physical qwerty keyboard. BlackBerry has been on a downward spiral for almost a decade now. This is sad news, sad news indeed.

-BlackBerry’s slow and painful move into simply a software company is now……complete. Today, CEO John Chen announced that the company “plans to end all internal hardware development and will outsource that function to partners.” TCL, owners of the Alcatel brand, building its phones under the DTEK brand, will continue partnership. This comes as a blow to the once great company known as RIM, But we all saw this coming to an inevitable end. 

-With Motorola being bought by Lenovo, the death of BlackBerry hardware, and the rapidly declining sales of HTC and LG, one is left to ask, who’s benefiting from this, and why is this happening? The answer is the same for both questions. Apple Inc. and Samsung. The two advertising giants, completely own the market. In this modern stark and dreary mobile environment we are facing today, BlackBerry and it’s uniqueness that it brought to that environment, will be missed by this PhabletGuru. I for one, will most certainly be buying the last phone made by them the BlackBerry Priv powered by Android. A definitely novel unique phone that will inevitably be a collector’s piece of technology. We (the mobile community at large) thank you for your influential part in driving the mobile tech industry forward to greater and greater levels of novelty. 

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