PhabletGuru’s Top 5 Phones of 2017!

-This is today’s Tech 5 list. This isn’t a rating of overall best phones of 2017 per say, rather categories of various features/hardware. And so I give you..

-It’s almost 2 months into 2018… Reflecting back on the phones of 2017 it was hard to pick 1 single favorite phone. Thus we bring you the best in different categories…

1. Best display award goes to none other than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.

-In the world of tech, specifically displays, Samsung reigns supreme, even in the television market. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is no exception to this excellence. The Korean giant does screens right. Honorable mention for the same display on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus as well as the iPhone X whose display was made by Samsung though still not quite as punchy. Samsung’s uber saturated high contrast 2k screens are the stuff of legends my friends.

2. Best camera award goes to the Pixel 2XL.

-The Pixel 2 and 2XL’s bokeh effect or portrait mode as it’s commonly known, is more accurate with just a single lens than any other camera with a dual lens. Including the iPhone X. It is simply amazing, the video quality is unsurpassed by all. For just point and click mobile photography, which is what most consumers do, the Pixel line is where it’s at. The unique stabilization is superior to every other phone we’ve tested here at Phabletguru. We have an honorable mention for the LG v30’s manual video controls as well as the wide-angle lens.

3. The award for the best design is given to the newcomer in the OEM space the Essential phone or Ph-1.

-Created by the new company Essential, it brought premium materials and a very post-modern design to the table with its first attempt which in my opinion is simply gorgeous. With a true edge-to-edge 2k panel, a camera cut out or notch up top, ceramic and titanium and glass materials this phone is definitely a sight to behold and feel. An honorable mention is presented for the iPhone X with its edge to edge panel and camera notch cut out.

4. The most innovative and unique phone award goes to The Moto Z2 Force.

-This phone really surprised me I enjoyed using it. It was fun, quirky, different and just a delight to use as a daily driver. It is literally shatter proof! You can not shatter this phone it’s something Motorola has been doing for a couple of years already. In addition…The whole Moto Mod thing truly is a useful, practical, imaginative/innovative, novel concept brought to life. You can snap on various mods sold separately of course.

-To date there is the projector mod, the JBL speaker mod, the 360° camera mod, the Polaroid instant print mod, various battery pack mods, and even different back plates called style shells made from different materials like leather, bamboo, ballistic nylon etc.. heck there’s even a gaming mod that snaps on and you have a nice 2k AMOLED screen sandwiched between tactile joystick equipped controllers for gaming. (Think Mario 64 emulated). There is an honorable mention for the BlackBerry Keyone with its physical keyboard that is simultaneously a touch sensitive Trac pad.

5. The most underrated phone award is whole heatedly given to the LG V30 and V30+.

-This phone and OEM, once a household name, has become somewhat forgotten to the mainstream mobile consumer market. Though not quite the obscurity that HTC has befell. I’m not sure if it’s the marketing/commercials budget being way less than Samsung or Apple, or lack of product in retail stores or what.

-Sadly LG, at least in the mobile market, isn’t seeing the same share in the market it used to have. Regardless this phone has everything one wants in a phone. 2k OLED display check, wireless charging check, dual camera setup check, water and dust resistance check, modern design with minimal bezels check, memory card expansion check, good battery life check, headphone jack check. Not only is there a headphone jack, but a bonus of having a Hi-Fi 32bit Quad DAC for the best headphones listening experience from any phone, period.

-This wraps up today’s Tech 5. Be sure to read our reviews for some of these phones right here on PhabletGuru. Stay tuned for an expansion of content diversity right here on PG-


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