Hands On & First Impressions With The Essential Phone

-A Sprint exclusive here in the states. I’m excited that there is a new company emerging into the mobile phone market. Ladies and Gents may I introduce to you the one and only Essential. Possessing a somewhat Avant garde design, and premium materials, for a first phone, they nailed it. Being a truly Bezel less phone, it’s quite the sight to behold. There have been other similar phones, the Sharp made Aquos Crystal, and a few Asian companies, however this brings ceramics and titanium to the party. Along with high end specs to boot, Essential gives us a premium feeling in this quite capable device. 


 -This Newbie has no logo on it’s casing, no branding, no corporate tattoo of authenticity, no trademarks no FCC emblems. To some people this doesn’t matter. I however find it refreshingly simple. Minimalism is the new black ey? There is that somewhat unsightly however satisfying blemish up top. I’m referring to the front facing camera cut out, as pictured below.

-To add to the minimal essential feel and motif of the phone, Essential gives us only Android Google apps, that’s it. No carrier bloatware, no manufacturer apps, it’s basically just a straight up Google phone. This will do two things. One, it will help in getting prompt software updates and two, it will help in making it a snappy responsive glitch free device in theory of course. 

-As to my first impressions, it’s a sexy device if I might say so with a fresh design. Powerful innards give it capability and speed whilst the atheistics and building materials make it feel well designed and sturdy in the hands. This, for a new company and a first go at design, is quite impressive. 

-Hopefully enough people will buy this phone and give the company a chance to give a second generation next year. I’m excited to see how this phone ages. At launch this phone has a trick up it’s sleeve. A 360 camera attachment is available for purchase. This seems to be the trend right now in the world of accessories.  There are iPhone 7 cases with a built in 360° cameras, the Galaxy Note 8 and it’s 360° camera, the Moto Z2 force and it’s 360° camera mod attachment. Further testing is needed in order to compare these cameras. 

-Some of the specs for you fellow spec hounds out there include but aren’t limited to, the Snapdragon 835 chipset, Dual 13 megapixel cameras one of which is a true monochrome sensor. The display is a Quad HD ips LCD edge to edge panel. The onboard storage is 128gb with no expendable storage, but with 128 gigs who needs a micro SD card? This puppy packs 4gb of RAM and the battery is of the 3040 mAh kind. 

-To sum up, this is a uniquely designed first go around for this newbie OEM. I’m impressed, I think the camera attachment is kind of gimmicky however, the dual rear facing main cameras are promising. The stock Android aspect is inviting and the lack of branding is refreshing. Being a phabletguru I wish the display was bigger, but the near bezel less display adds to the immersive experience. Did I mention the back is a scratch resistant shiny beautiful ceramic? Or the metal frame is titanium? Premium materials add to the whole ambience of what will be known as the Essential phone. 

-This has been another phabletguru first impressions, until our next meeting of the minds I shall leave you with, be excellent to each other.-


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