A PhabletGuru First Impressions : Galaxy Note 8 Baby Yeah!

-Samsung, otherwise known as the iPhone of Android, has struck a blow at Apple once again. At this point it’s just ridiculous how much more advanced Galaxy phones are than iPhones. This isn’t a comparison review however, this is a first impressions. I will start by saying it’s a powerful huge device, and for the most part has left a good impression on this Guru.

-Some argue, understandably so, that the Note 8 is an S8 with a waterproof stylus. This is misleading kind of. Yes the design is nearly identical save for the squared corners and slightly taller display. The curved edges aren’t as pronounced, however this isn’t noticeable. The dual camera on the back is noticeable though only to phone nerds such as myself. To the layman it probably does look like a Galaxy S8. More on Samsung’s entry into dual camera setup with the actual review.

-The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wouldn’t be a note without the Spen (built in pressure sensitive stylus). Samsung has now made the pen IP 68 water and dust resistant alongside the phone. More on that with the full review. The new live message feature is exciting. Again, more on Spen features with the actual review. 

-The fact that Samsung gave the Note 8 6gigs of ram is amazing. Use the Samsung Dex and you’ve got yourself near to PC level experience. This means Samsung is leading the way towards something like a gaming phone of sorts. I’m thinking PlayStation 3 emulators actually working. The possibilities are literally endless. I’m anxious to see how it stacks up. With the Snapdragon 835 chipset and the aforementioned 6gb’s of ram we should have a beast of a phone.

-Speaking of beast of a phone, the new Galaxy Note 8 is huge coming in at 6.3″. With a body ratio of 2 to 1, what you have is an extremely tall device.  It’s very slippery and hard to manage, good luck one hand’ing’ the notification pulldown. Though compared to the Galaxy S8 plus….. It’s only a .1% difference. The curved display makes it ackward to handle. Personally I wish the display wasn’t curved but the infinity screen is a sight to behold. 

-The UI was smooth during my brief time with the phone a few days back. Being within the industry has its perks. Getting to play with a phone before announcement is always awesome. TouchWiz is still TouchWiz, with features galore. I really liked the preset dual app customizations. And the Spen is still a novel little thing that completely adds to the whole Note experience which always delivers. 
-All in all Samsung Fanboys, and Note lovers will get this phone and for good reason, it will be the most feature packed decked out hardware cutting edge design powerhouse of a phone on the market when it launches. This phabletguru will definitely be obtaining this phone. 
-This has been a brief first impressions bright to you in the still of the night where I will hold you so tight.-


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