Samsung Gear Icon X Review: Unique Wireless Earbuds At A Cost…

-With all the hype surrounding Apple’s AirPods, I thought I’d give a review of a product that did it first, and with more tech involved better. Samsung, with it’s unique wireless earbuds the Gear Icon X gave us freedom, style, and novelty. 3 amazing characteristics bundled into this will designed product.

-I’m not much of an earbuds kind of guy. I prefer over the ear cushioned headphones, that being said my wife is however, she prefers buds. Most of this is coming from her, although I have tried them, my perception is already skewed due to preferences. One thing I can say is that Samsung is quite the innovator and these buds are forward thinking. 

-The coolest most innovative thing about this product is that these are Earbuds that can store 4gb of music directly on the buds themselves without needing a phone to pair with. Yeah…. Let that sink in…k, let’s continue.

-Here’s the Geek 10 for you fellow geeky peeps….

  • Dimension. Earbud: 18.9 x 26.4 x 26.0 mm. Case: 35.3 x 30.3 x 92 mm.
  • Sensor. HR, Accelerometer, Capacitive Touch. Gesture control
  • Storage. 4GB. …
  • Connectivity. BT 4.1 (BLE)
  • Battery. Earbuds: 47mAh. …
  • Water Resistant. Splash Resistant (P2i Nano Coating)
  • Audio Spec. Frequency Range: 20~20 kHz. …
  • Microphone. 2 per earbud.
  • Completely independent and wireless buds without awkward shaft hanging out of your ears
  • Wireless charging case included

-I’d like to start off by saying that these have a futuristic feel to them, even still. The left and right buds operating independently yet together to bring you freedom, untethered, and innovative. There are no unsightly bars coming down out of your ear (cough cough), nor wires connecting them to each other, no wires of any kind. 

– The sound quality…. Is…. Well… Barely passable. They are sufficient and have good levels in the mids and highs the decibel levels and the bass, however… I find myself wanting in these areas. But I’m a bit of an audiophile so don’t let me dissuade you from buying some I’m sure you will quite enjoy them. Especially for my next topic, the interface. 

-Within that gold lining or trim, lies the user interface via the touchpad. Tap once to pause/resume. Tap twice to skip music tracks, or three times to play the previous song. The sensitivity is a fluctuating thing apparently, it’s somewhat annoying to accidentally pause when you were trying to go back a song. However it seems to adequately work 70% of the time. It takes a while to get use to the UI but once you do it’s pretty smooth sailing. 

-The onboard 4gb of storage does wonders for the fastly diminishing battery life. A battery life that seems vulnerable to constant Bluetooth streaming. The fact that you can store around 700-1,000 songs directly on the buds is reason enough to buy these at half the cost of the AirPods. Way to think differently and practically Samsung. This is an extremely useful feature for you exercise types. No need to lug around a phone on your morning jog or bike ride.

-The wireless charging container that these buds sit nestled in all snug like, is a nice touch. There’s something satisfying about placing them in there and seeing the indicator lights come on. You can charge the case separately and then it will charge the earbuds when on the go. 

-The fitness aspect of these novel buds, is superb. The square area of the buds is the optical hear rate sensor. The Samsung Gear App and S health apps work as you’d expect. With calories burned, steps made, and more, you’ll get you all the info needed. 

The music settings and app settings allow for things like choosing which ear will be the call answering ear, or controlling the ambient noise. Which is a handy and very useful feature by the way. Basically it allows you to somewhat hear the world around you. 

-The Gear Icon X PC software has some extra features, use it to put music on the Icon X buds. To replace lost buds and delegate left and right etc… This has been very useful, as mentioned above battery life suffers when used as Bluetooth streaming buds. In contrast the battery life is exponentially better when playing native songs.

-My wife enjoys them, and has only a couple of dissatisfactions. Namely the battery life and maximum loudness, or depth of sound. Those things however are not warrant enough for her not to love them. Because she does. As for me… Again I’m not your earbuds kind of guy. But I can say I love the concept and execution of the Samsung Gear Icon X wireless earbuds. There’s a lot going on with them. I can say you will most likely enjoy them if bought. 

-Remember kids….. Don’t try this at home-


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