JBL Duet Review Decent Headphones Decent Price

-JBL has been synonymous with great audio products since 1946. Named after it’s founder James Bullough Lansing. Who had ties with Altec Lansing. However… you are not here for a history lesson are you. You want to know about these JBL headphones. Through happenstance I have the cure to what ails you.

 -For about a Benjamin, (100$ in street lingo) these aren’t bad headphones. They aren’t completely mind blowing headphones either. There is an absence of noise cancellation and they are a little small for my tastes, other than that I don’t have much beef with the Duet headphones. To my ear they have a very dense meaty sound to them, somewhat low mids, and crisp highs, (and in true JBL form) deep basses. 

-Personally I’ve only recently started to delve into the nuances of the world of the audiophile. These headphones in my humble opinion, sound great. The Bluetooth functionality brings a sense of freedom to the music listening experience. I haven’t discovered any flaws in the connection aspect. When connected via included cord to my LG V20 with it’s hi-fi quad DAC feature enabled whoa Nelly! 

-As far as build quality and design, this product gets 3 1/2 stars out of 5. They aren’t as ergonomic as I’d hoped. The leather is a welcome touch. They fold up nicely with rotating ear pieces. Finding the volume keys is a journey if you don’t wish to take the headphones off beforehand. They have a sturdy feel yet as I’ve stated previously, the ear pieces are too small. This can hurt your ears after prolonged use. Not as bad as a lot of other headphones however. All in all they don’t feel cheap. On the contrary they feel well made.


-The unboxing experience was great, JBL paid attention to detail including charging cord (micro USB) auxiliary cord (2.5mm to 3.5mm) and the included carrying case seen below. 

-In conclusion I do recommend these headphones for this particular price range. I have enjoyed using them for music, phone conversations and watching videos and movies. I watched Captain America The First Avenger and I was thoroughly impressed with the dynamic range. JBL continually impresses me with their speakers. Check out my JBL Flip 3 review for more great JBL awesomeness.

-Until we meet again… Welcome To The Machine ‘elves’-


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