KIT Power Bank review – is £15 too cheap?

Hello to all.

– Before I start this short review, I’d just like to let you all know that I am encountering some troubles with the Huami Amazfit smartwatch, and likely will not be continuing with the comparison review. I will soon be buying a Pebble Time Round, despite the lack of warranty, and will post a review about that soon. I may also post a short blog about which I think is the better smartwatch, and what actually using the watches is like – a personal opinion, ignoring the reviews. 
– Anyway, this is a review of the Kit 4,000mAh battery pack (or power bank, whichever you prefer). I’ll start by saying that I am disappointed, and this is a negative review. 
– I purchased this power bank from a Carphone Warehouse store in the UK (I am unsure about availability elsewhere). It came in little packaging, and included a small micro USB (Android) cable, an instruction manual and the power bank itself. I was sold the device with no warranty – I was told that because it was a battery, it could explode, blah blah blah… Understandable, I thought. I wasn’t worried in the slightest as the battery pack only cost me £15, which isn’t too big of a loss if the device did turn out to be faulty. 
– Opening the packaging, the power bank has a very nice look. A small, black, rectangular box with rounded off edges and a battery inside. It has small bumps on the front, which serve absolutely no purpose but improve aesthetics. The Kit logo is printed on the front. 

– Hardware wise, this power bank has everything it needs – a port to charge it, a port to charge another device, an LED indicator and a battery. It has no fancy features like pop out cables – it’s simple, and cheap because of it – which is no bad thing.
– And here we come to using the power bank. This went as expected for the first few charge cycles, with me charging my phone to 100% each time, from around 7% – a full charge. It was easy to use, with the charging indicator showing red when it was flat and on charge, and green when the battery in the power bank was fully charged. However, after these first few charge cycles, the power bank began to stop charging the phone. This was because of a failure in the output port of the power bank – it only charges if I hold the cable upwards to this day. 
– Overall, because of the issues I’ve had, I would not recommend this device. With no warranty, and a broken product, I would tell everyone reading this to shop elsewhere, and to buy a different product. Maybe if this device had lasted a year it would be worth the £15. Ah well.
– That’s it. Sorry for the short review, but I thought I’d post something while I decide what to do with my Amazfit. Hopefully the return process will go smoothly – I may post a blog about my experience. Probably not. But I might. Anyway, hope you all have a good day, and hope you have a better experience with power banks than I do. Until the next blog – see you all, and thanks for reading.


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