Anxiously Awaiting The Galaxy S8

-By now we all know about the Note 7 fiasco. The official report from Samsung states it was a design flaw, there was so much stuff crammed into the casing that the battery had no room to expand. Did this, or I should say, will this hurt the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8? Is the name of Galaxy now tainted? Only time will tell.

-Personally I believe that Samsung will not be affected and that they will deliver a superb phone in the S8. Samsung will not be announcing the phone at the annual Mobile World Congress event as they have traditionally done. Instead they’ve opted for a solo debut at a Samsung event later this month. I think that’s a good marketing/pr move. The launch will likely be about a month after the debut, so look for it to launch in late March, perhaps early April. 

-These are some of the renderings of possible design and build of the Samsung Galaxy S8. If they are even remotely as beautiful as the concepts pictured we are in for a treat folks. Samsung prides themselves on the aesthetic quality of their phones. A pride that didn’t really come into being until the Galaxy s6 lineup. Hardware rumors aside I would like to delve into what we should expect and a little of what we hope to see with Samsung’s upcoming flagship. 

-I’m hopeful for the edge variant to possess a 4k ultra high-definition super AMOLED display. This would be perfect for the VR (virtual reality) trend sweeping the nation. It’s the next logical step, we’ve seen screen resolutions (with the exception of iPhone) continually increase. There is a possibility that the iconic home button will be retired. And many believe there will be a dual camera setup.

-Incremental upgrades are always present in phone successors. Better battery, faster processor, more ram, etc… And we will expect this. Hopefully they keep the micro SD card slot for expandable storage. The “no home button thing” for this Phabletguru is no big deal. However if they pull an Apple and get rid of the headphone jack many might be upset.

-Expect to see the Note 7’s Iris scanner technology. There are also speculations that the iconic “S Pen” will come with the larger “edge” variant of the Galaxy S8. if this is true would that imply that the Galaxy Note series is dead? I hope not. Wireless charging will assuredly return along with water and dust resistance. 

-Other than that the most drastic changes, in my opinion, will be in design and camera. Samsung might try and give “S Voice” a facelift to compete with Siri and Google assistant. I think that Samsung should nix  SVoice and just use Google Now. I don’t see that happening though. It would leave more room for advancements in other areas.

-Lastly, Samsung being the Consumer electronics giant that they are, will undoubtedly make an amazing smartphone. After all Samsung is the “Apple” of Android. I’m allowed to say that right? Keep the channel locked here for more on the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Edge.

-This has been a Phabletguru News Brief-


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