-The most novel pieces of technology we have on the planet are smartphones. Today we should be amazed at their power and extremely novel abilities. Think about it, in the palm of our hands we have GPS devices with voice automated navigation. We have camcorders capable of shooting video in ultra high definition 4k. We have high resolution picture taking abilities now with optical image stabilization. We can Photoshop and edit and create art. They act as our flashlights, mp3 players and portable computers. You can create resumes, word documents, excel spreadsheets etc..
-We have instant connection to various social media. We have a world of knowledge at our fingertips with Data flowing through the air wirelessly. We even have apps like Google sky map where we can look at the stars in real time and space and see what each one is called and find Consolations, and search the skies. We can download from virtual space any song, album, artist and musical piece our hearts desire, and all virtually instantly. There are compass apps, gyroscopes, ambient light sensors, equalizer apps video games and emulator apps. We can ask it questions with our voice and it will answer in like kind. It’s almost like the philosophers Stone if you will. An Oracle of knowledge just an “ok Google” or “Hey Siri” away. However with all this ability and immersive innovation,  I feel like we might take these novel little gadgets for granted.

-I believe mobile devices, due to the miniaturization aspect of them, to be at the forefront of technological evolution and novelty. Thanks for tuning in, This has been a Phabletguru Saturday Short-


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