LG V20 Review

-After having used this phone for quite awhile now, I can say overall I have been thoroughly impressed with the V20. That’s not to say it’s perfect, no phone is, but more on that later. As far as we are concerned here at Phabletguru, this was a homerun for LG. A homerun that frankly, was much needed. The problem now is getting the word out about this phone. Which is one of the reasons for this review 3 months after the fact. Perhaps I could sway you to give LG a try? Without further delays I give you The Phabletguru LG V20 review.

-I’m going to start with a few things I really like about this phone. Then, logically, I’ll talk about a few things I really am not a fan of. We shall begin with the secondary display located above the primary display. This little novel feature is surprisingly useful, not to mention customizable. I like the fact that when you are listening to music and you turn your screen off, you have the ability to pause or skip forwards or backwards between tracks, without turning your screen back on. You can customize quick toggles (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, quick capture, flashlight) app shortcuts and more. All in all this is a very useful feature.

-Build quality would be the next aspect of this phone that I really enjoy. The metal build feels great in hand, and the center placed dual camera and rear mounted fingerprint sensor gives it an iconic symmetrical look. I enjoy the size after all this is Phabletguru…. The back metal plate is removable via the release button on the right side at the bottom. The last part of this build quality rant is that this beast comes with military grade drop resistance.

-Can’t talk about smartphones these days without the almighty camera. As always a good camera depends on a multitude of different things. From megapixel count to aperture, from software rendering to various focus modalities, there is always personal preferences in this category. Personally I think there is vast potential in the V20 dual camera setup. It has an ultra wide angle 8 megapixel camera along with a standard 16 megapixel 1.8 aperture lens. All specs aside it is a fun camera with manual controls like you would see on a DSLR camera paired with the ultra wide angle secondary camera you’ve got yourself a great clicker.

-The small things in life matter. For example this phone is rocking not only a removable back but an SD card slot for expandable storage up to 2 terabytes!! Not to mention an IR (infra red) blaster…. Tada universal remote control. These are things that are extinct in the era of the unibody, and frankly, I dig’em. 

-Speaking of extinction, This monster phone has a hi-fi 32bit built in quad DAC (Digital Audio Converter)… Headphone jack. In non nerd words, makes headphones sound really really really good. Audio quality has been, well…. Badass as us previous young folk used to say. 

-Lastly, I will go over a few things about the LG V20 that I wasn’t a fan of. First and foremost LG’s UI. The software is, yes lighter than previous versions, yet still over compensating. The Android Nougat aspect of the experience has been amazing. I love the double tap the square feature. That being said LG’s software in my opinion needs some work. 

-The volume button placement is annoying. Especially when you turn it to landscape orientation. The volume is on the left mid upper side of the phone. As mentioned earlier, the small things in life matter. Even though the build quality is amazing, there is one flaw….. It’s slippery. Very slippery. One of the slipperiest phones I’ve held. A case or skin is recommended. Finally, I find the battery life to be sporadic, amazing at times, yet atrocious at others. Thankfully as said, it is removable.

-In conclusion, the LG V20 is one of the most underrated smartphones of the 2016-2017 bunch. Many online reviewers, YouTubers and Tech journalist have praised the LG V20. I agree with their praise. This is a customizers phone, as well as a mobile photographers phone. A media consumption and content creation phone all in one this is, to go Yoda on y’all. I highly recommend this phablet to anyone wanting something different. I could recommend this phone to anyone who loves selfies, or recording and editing video and audio. This phone is perfect for the music lover, the audio snob, Android fans, ex-galaxy note 7 owners or even new smartphone owners. In essence, I love this phone. 

-Different carriers in the US have various deals and prices for this high end LG smartphone. One example and probably the best deal right now comes from Sprint. If you activate a new line, you get this phone for half the price, coming in at only $396. That’s about 16.50 a month for 24 months! 

-This has been an official bona fide notarized rated and approved Phabletguru Review. Until next time ‘thank you come again’-


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