Another New BlackBerry No One Will Buy

-BlackBerry is kind of like a murder victim in horror movies that just won’t die. The ONLY way the murder victim will die is when he or she is beheaded, stabbed in the heart, shot with a shotgun, dismembered, cut into pieces and finally set on fire. The same seems to hold true with BlackBerry formerly known as RIM. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Android run BlackBerry Priv was a beautiful uniquely designed amazing device, that no one bought.

-Yes, there is a new BlackBerry which debuted at CES (consumer electronics show) 2017. It is built by TCL a company that also makes Alcatel phones. Which was apparent in the last two Alcatel idol 4 inspired BlackBerry Dtek devices. As Mr. Mobile said about those TCL built BlackBerry phones, they didn’t have any BlackBerry DNA. This has been corrected in the latest TCL built BlackBerry “mercury” the supposed code name for this new phone.

-BlackBerry made a ‘better late than never’ move when it chose to ditch it’s own OS in favor of Android on the BlackBerry Priv. However this may have been to little, too late for the Canadian based company. One has to ask, if TCL built the hardware, and the software is Android, what does BlackBerry have to do with the phone? The answer……very little. 
-There are some BlackBerry applications and software overlays on these phones and of coarse the BlackBerry logo on the phone, and that’s about it. However BlackBerry’s design makes a comeback with the upcoming unnamed BlackBerry phone.

-As seen from the pictures the traditional BlackBerry qwerty keyboard comes over ditching the sliding keyboard found on the Priv. Not a whole lot is known about the phone. More will be known at the upcoming annual mobile world Congress event where it will be officially 

-I hope BlackBerry sells the crap out of this phone. I have always been a fan, though I’ve long since moved on to Android. Unfortunately I do not see this getting anywhere near the amount of sales needed to be a once again profitable success. Thus we are left with the cutting up into pieces phase of BlackBerry’s death. They just won’t die, and almost no one will buy. 

-I’m sure it will be an amazing phone, and yes there will be some tech enthusiasts’ who will buy it. But when you have such an over saturated market with only two big companies holding the majority of handsets bought, you start to wonder how it will do. I’m inclined to believe that this isn’t the reviving BlackBerry was hoping for or needed.

-This has been a test of your emergency phabletguru networking system, had it been a real emergency you shouldn’t be reading blogs. You would need to assess the emergency at hand and act accordingly.-


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