The Surface Studio The Future Is Now

-Microsoft, ahhh Microsoft, where have you been all my life? The Microsoft Surface Studio looks to be an innovative unique Desktop PC that invokes drool the world over. Look out Apple here comes Microsoft. Thinking outside the box with this one, Microsoft brings in it’s arsenal…..a zero gravity hinge. Not to mention that crazy dial thing. Frankly from what I’ve seen this machine will be completely awesome. 

-This is geared towards artists, musicians, graphic designers acc other professionals etc.. But anyone with a sense of style and futurism will most definitely want one. I know this phablet guru does. So without further ado, I bring you the infamous geek ten…

-This is a list of 10 things to look forward to, if you plan on buying this computer. 10 unique features of and innovative things about the Microsoft Surface Studio…… 

  •  That Screen 

With it’s 28 inch size and PixelSense adjustable display it is a beast and most enjoyable for media consumption. If you are a digital artist, graphic designer or music editor this is a must have in my opinion. It has a 4500 by 3000 that’s a 4.5K display to be exact. With multi touch technology this screen will fit any criteria. Lay it down in studio mode for drawing, animating, Photo editing and digital 3d rendering. Or stand it upright for traditional desktop mode.

  • The Design

-This is, in my opinion, the most beautifully crafted and designed all in one or “AIO” pc ever made. It is stunning to say the least. It has a minimalist futuristic design about it apparent in the pictures.It is sleek, elegant and simply gorgeous. The base holds the brains and the monitor is attached via this adjustable hinge.

  •  That Zero Gravity Hinge

-The hinge, you’ve undoubtedly wondered about is marvelous. The hinge allows for effortless repositioning of that beautiful large display. Either angled upwards or angled flat depending on your creative needs.The desktop position vs the studio position is something no other pc has offered. This is all thanks to that zero gravity hinge.

  • Software (Windows 10 pro)

-This thing packs a professional Windows 10 software bundle. You get a lot of perks with this package.   The start menu has returned along with Cortana Microsoft’s ai assistant. The software included makes it easy for collaboration and getting things done professionally. Software such as SOLIDWORKS, Adobe Premiere Pro and Autodesk1 when paired with the Surface Pen and dial make for true innovation.

  • Universal Connectivity and Storage

-With Bluetooth (a welcomed addition),  Wi-Fi, usb 3.0, an sd card slot (also a welcomed addition) and mini display port, much can be accomplished. It has a 1 or 2 terabyte hard drive and a 64gb solid state drive with 8gb or up to 34 gb of ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics chipset and 2gb or 4 gb of GDDR5. Simply put it can handle almost anything one might throw at it. 

  • The Surface Dial

-This is some next level Iron Man/Minority Report stuff here. Words don’t do it justice. It’s something you have to see. It seems to be implemented very well. I highly recommend watching videos on this accessory. When the dial is placed on the screen, depending on the program, a circular menu pops up around the dial. This is sold separately of course.

  • The Surface Pen

-The Surface Pen, which is included along with the keyboard and mouse, is a Pen we’ve all grown to know and love and comes over to the Studio. The Pen has over 1,000 levels of pressure sensitivity and magnetically docks to the side of the screen for easy access. When used in conjunction with the dial you get very intuitive controls with higher diverse possibilities. 

  • Optimization

-Optimization is key when harnessing what would seen to be underpowered processing. The studio comes with either an Intel core i5 or i7 6th gen quad core processor. Suffice to say, this is not a gaming PC. That said, it can handle games just fine thanks to Microsoft’s level of optimization bringing more power and bang for your buck. 

  • Continuum 

-This is a feature that unfortunately is still not commonly known by your average consumer. A feature that I find to be highly innovative and well….. Cool. Imagine if you will a Windows smartphone that could pair seamlessly with this computer and allow you to work on projects on the go. There are a many number of Microsoft ecosystem perks with the Surface Studio.

  • Studio Mode

-Mentioned earlier Studio Mode allows one to have a near flat digital canvas on this world’s thinnest ultra high definition LCD panel. It incorporates palm rejection so you can draw and digitally paint and create the way you would with a real canvas or paper. It becomes a digital drafting table for architects, a touch sensitive recording studio for musicians, a canvas for graphic designers.

-The Microsoft Surface Studio starts at &2,999 for the base model. Expensive, but in my opinion well worth it. We here at Phabletguru are definitely impressed with Microsoft, especially considering that Apple has recently been underwhelming with their new devices. 

-This has been another exciting editing edition of The Phabletguru Geek 10. Join us next time as we attempt to decode the mysteries within the human DNA conundrum-


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