Wireless Charger For $2.00!!

-You read it right folks, There’s a wireless charger that works, for only 2.00$! Talk about a hell of a deal, casually speaking. Now bear in mind, that it doesn’t come with a wall charger or cord. Add to that the fact that it is literally a no name company, no model number provided, nor logo markings save for the recycle logo and FCC logo. 

-The link provided above takes you to Wish, the website that I bought it from via the mobile app. Check out the Phabletguru review of Wish for more info. There was no mention of a company or manufacturer name anywhere in the item description on wish. The picture used for this product showed it wirelessly charging what looked to be an iPhone 4s. The image is of course misleading, due to the fact that iPhones are not wireless charging compatible out of the box. 

-This little roughly 2 inch diameter charger incorporates Qi technology. Which means it works with most every phone that has wireless charging built in, such as the Glaxy s6 and upwards. Or the Motorola made Nexus 6 (The phone I’ve been testing it with). It comes in various colors, I have a blue one and I thoroughly have enjoyed it. It isn’t a fast charger but it works for overnight charging, when fast charging isn’t required.

-I was impressed with one feature not mentioned on wish. The charger automatically turns off when your phone is fully charged. This was an awesome surprise. It isn’t without it’s flaws however, namely the above mentioned lack of fast charging. In fact, it’s actually quite slow. But it does the job very brightly. This brings me to my next beef with this little wireless charger. When a device is laid on this round surface a little blue light emits signaling you that it is charging a device. This little blue light (on top of the dim always on red light) is very bright and somewhat distracting if you are trying to sleep. This can be remedied with a little electrical tape if needs be however.

-All in all I’d say the value you get for $2.00 in this product is well worth the couple bucks. You can buy relatively inexpensive adapters to allow it to work with iPhones and other non wireless charging phones. I love the slim design and extremely light aspect of it’s build quality. Yes it’s cheap and generic, but hey it’s only $2.00 and it actually gets the job done. I say buy it and don’t look back.
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