SprinT-Mobile? Merger?

-This is all speculation at this point, but it is rumored within corporate circles that there might be a Sprint T-Mobile merger in the works. If this goes through it will be one of the biggest corporate mergers in history. The failed AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile back in 2011 was a completely different beast. At&t was “buying” T-Mobile for 39 Billion big ones. What is rumored here is a “merger”not a takeover.
-Sprint Nextel, in the last couple years has had an amazing comeback in network and customer base. The Sprint brand is crystal clear and growing more rapidly than any other wireless provider here in the states. “Can you here me now?” is a witty ad campaign where the now infamous Paul from the old Verizon commercials is making Sprint commercials. Can you hear that Verizon? Paul made the switch and so are many others. Sprint has been purchasing spectrum and innovating technologies into it’s network at a rapid pace. Sprint was the first to incorporate LTE plus & 3×20 ghz carrier aggregation. That’s my inner nerd emerging. Suffice to say Sprint has dug itself out of a hole. Partly due to the failed AT&T purchase of T-Mobile, which was opposed by Sprint and many other corporations. That shot down takeover allowed for more competition in the free market. The opposite would’ve been close to monopoly status.

-T-Mobile on the other hand has seen better days. It did gain a little money from the failed AT&T purchase, however they are steadily losing customers to the other three carriers. This is a sad thing, I will always have a special place in my heart for T-Mobile for a couple of reasons. First and foremost the sidekick line of phones back in the golden era of feature phones was very popular and one of my all time favorite phones. The way it swiveled out was way cool and different. It had a text-instant message thing about it, a messaging-email focused o.s. and design that had youthful appeal. Secondly, T-Mobile was the first American carrier to sell Android with the introduction of the words first Android phone, the HTC G1. AKA the T-Mobile G1, or the HTC Dream.

-The rumor of this merger comes from the meeting President Elect Donald Trump had in Trump Tower with Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son. Mr. Son, who bought Sprint for 32 billion dollars back in 2013, has stated he originally wished to merge Sprint with T-Mobile. That plan was blocked by the federal government as other such mergers have been. In the meeting with Trump Mr. Son vowed to invest 50 Billion big ones in the US to create 50,000 new jobs. The details of this meeting are unknown at the moment, but we suspect here at PhabletGuru that it implies the merger will take effect with help from Good Ol’ Donald Trump our next President. Sprint currently employs about 30,000 people and T-Mobile about 50,000. The merger would add 50,000 jobs to that, bringing the total number of employees about the same as Verizon. Working in the industry myself, I am excited about this possibility and opportunity.

-This has been a Phabletguru news brief. The proceeds from donations will go to corporate bigwigs, and their over full pockets. As always keep on keepin on.


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