Top Five Holiday Tech Gifts

-The holidays are rapidly approaching and if you’re like me you haven’t even begun shopping yet. Don’t fret however, we’ve got solutions for you late to the game”ers”. This is today’s tech five, the holiday edition.

  • #5. tile

-This little trinket makes a good gift or stocking suffer. It’s inexpensive, useful and relevant in today’s mobilecentric world. Pictured above is all three products available. The differences besides design and size, are things like the slim and mate offer 4 different ring tones whilst the original only offers one. Here’s the chart….

-If you’ve ever lost or misplaced your keys, wallet or God forbid your phone, then this is for you. It uses Bluetooth as well as the tile community (people who have tile) and of coarse the app you can download from the Playstore or the app store.   Basically if you have tile, as well as the app (keep in mind that on your phone you have to have Bluetooth turned on) you can locate the lost item from the app by making the tile emit a ringtone. This also works in reverse, let’s say you have your keys or wallet with the tile attached, but you’ve misplaced your phone. Click the button on the tile and your phone will ring even if it is on silent or vibrate.

-The final and coolest feature of this little doohickey is the community of tile users, which is growing. Let’s say you left your work keys somewhere at work and don’t recall where. You are at home and your boss can’t find where you placed them. If your boss is part of the tile community,  select notify when found in the app and when your boss or anyone or device within the tile community passes by it you’ll automatically be notified of it’s most recent location.  The larger the community gets the easier it will be to find things.

  • #4.  Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

-This thing is, in a word, awesome! If you’re old enough to remember Polaroid cameras back in the day then you will appreciate this product.  If you’re what people call a youngster, you might not know about that archaic form of instant photography, don’t fret youngster it’s been reborn with this novel contraption. 

-This prints small “inkless” photos by connecting to your device via Bluetooth. Not only is it a fun little printer, the photos it pops out can also be stickers. Peel off the back and you have a sticky backside that you can apply to anything. The fun is endless. You can use this as a makeshift diy (do it yourself) business card maker. The possibilities are limitless. It’s sleek and portable. In fact it’s the smallest Bluetooth printer you can buy. I highly recommend this as a late holiday gift idea. It will only set you back 129$.

    • #3. Asus Zenfone 3 Laser

    -Looking for a decent unlocked phone that’s inexpensive, this is your phone.  In fact for the price it’s a steal. This thing has  a 1.4 ghz octacore processor. 2 or 4 gb of RAM, 32 or 64gb on board storage respectively. You can expand that memory up to 256gb with an easily accessible micro sd card slot.  save pictures on that card by taking quick shot photos with it’s laser autofocus 13 megapixel camera with f2.0 aperture. Enjoy those photographs on it’s full HD IPS LCD 5.5″ large display. Basically it’s pretty badass, especially considering it costs  from 169$. 

    -The midrange phone market is booming. What you get for 150$-400$ these days is amazing. Compared to 650$-979$ there isn’t much difference in what you get. This Zenfone laser 3 phone has a fingerprint sensor on the back. If you have a phone nerd for a loved one, this would be an awesome “toy”. 

    • #2.  Nintendo Classic

    -If you’ve been reading my blogs you might know I’m a Nintendo fan. But who isn’t right? I remember being 9 years old and getting my first Nintendo and popping in that Super Mario Bros. Cartridge bundled with the system. The year was 1987 the Nintendo had been out for 2 years in America at that point.  It was a Christmas present from my parents. It completely and utterly rocked. We can now physically relive such moments with the brand new Nintendo Classic Mini. It comes preloaded with 30 classic games including but not limited to Super Mario Bros.,  The Legend Of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Kirby’s Adventure.

    -Unlike the original NES, the Mini features an HDMI  port so you can play it on modern tv’s.  Retro seems to be the “in” thing currently. And nothing screams retro like the good ol’ NES. This would make a welcome addition to any present under the tree this Christmas. The Mini will set Santa back a pretty penny due to the demand and rarity currently. It normally costs $59.99 however we are seeing it go for 179$ online.

    • #1. Amazon Echo

    -A.I. (Artificial Intelligence for non-nerds) has evolved immensely over the last few years. With Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant we basically have personal voice  Oracles, and Alexa is no exception. You can have a completely voice automated smart home with the Echo as the hub. We are living in the future folks. This thing is simply amazing and in my opinion looks better than it’s competitor Google Home.  Google Home looks like an oversized air freshener.

    -The Amazon Echo, Eco Dot and Tap all work using Alexa software. The most advanced and feature packed being the object of this #1. Holiday Tech gift idea, the Echo. Completely voice automated, wireless and having a built in speaker make this idea a great high-tech gift. Third party support is a welcome edition. For example it works with Nest products, various security camera systems and Philips Hue lights, smart switches and media controls. So you could dim your lights, turn the temperature down, set recording times for your dvr, turn on the sprinklers, order an Uber ride, or a pizza whilst playing your favorite Spotify playlist all with your voice. 

    -The Amazon Echo costs 179$ the Amazon Echo Dot costs 39$ and the Amazon Tap costs 89$. I recommend the Echo personally. This piece of high tech novelty would make a great gift for any tech enthusiast or common consumer alike. Watch some YouTube videos on the differences between the three Amazon products mentioned. 

    This has been a Holiday Edition of the Phabletguru Tech 5. Thanks for reading, and remember Santa Claus has his roots in the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. As always stay golden my peeps. Keep on swyping.-


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