Try Wish, This Is A Phabletguru Saturday Short

-Wish is a great shopping app, especially for this time of year with the holidays rapidly approaching. It has extremely low priced merchandise. This app not only has hot and popular gift ideas, it also is a treasure trove of unique, rare, underground and sometimes downright strange gifts, trinkets, knickknacks and thingamabops. Just look for yourselves.

-From the screenshot above you can see that it has some cool and bizarre products from around the world. Know anyone who’s into steampunk? This could be for them. Not only that, it has amazing prices for such a random compilation of merchandise. Here’s another screenshot of the app when you first open it up.

-Notice the cheap prices? I know I did. I definitely would love some shades like those. I’ve found musical instruments, Alex Grey paintings on sleeping bags, unlocked phones, screwdriver key rings and video game systems to name but a few. Try Wish and escape from the Amazon trap… At least for awhile. Because let’s face it, Amazon rocks. I just think that there are other avenues for shopping that might be overlooked in the wake of Amazon and eBay and Craigslist. 

-Until we meet again in the life to come… Remember there is T.N.T. for the brain.


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