Picture courtesy Gizmodo

-Fitbit (the undisputed health watch king) is reportedly purchasing Pebble. It is rumored they are buying Pebble in order to obtain certain patents, namely the operating system. This move is both bad and good for consumers and the market.  The word in the street, as it were, is that they will then kill Pebble off.

-I can’t say this doesn’t sadden me. I thoroughly enjoyed, and continue to enjoy my Pebble Time. I completely love the retro aesthetics within it’s design. I’ve always been an underdog fan, and Pebble has been the underdog the last year or so, compared to the Moto 360 & The Apple watch. For more on my views of the Pebble Time, check out my review of it here on my blog.

-It is unknown at this time how much Fitbit is purchasing Pebble for. The negotiations started before thanksgiving.  The move makes sense, because Fitbit has slowly been incorporating notifications alongside it’s health and fitness features with the Alta and Blaze lines. Acquiring the software rights to Pebble, will create a more well rounded wearable. 

-Fitbit has shown drops last quarter in profit. This is due mainly to the popularity of The Apple Watch. Before the advent of the Apple Watch, iPhone users pretty much had one option, Pebble (Grandfathers of the smart watch revolution). Pebble is a very unique company, a success story centering around kickstarter. Breaking several kickstarter records, Pebble has become known as a rags to riches company. In the last year however, they have lost money, due to the same reason as Fitbit’s loss.

-I’m hopeful we will see a new wearable called The Fitbit Pebble. Personally I lean more towards smart watches than fitness watches, but I know the average consumer leans the other way. We at Phabletguru say goodbye to this forward thinking, ahead of their time company,  as apparent in producing the worlds first smartwatch for iPhone and Android alike. Pebble received over 10,000,000.00$ in the first thirty minutes of a kickstarter funding campaign back in 2012. They revolutionized and created the wearable market. You will be missed Pebble, you will be missed indeed.
This has been a Phabletguru news brief. Brought to you by A Trekkie techie subsidiary.

Until next time, Lord knows I’ll see you, I’ll see you on the other side.


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