How To Use Your Phone Like A Computer…… Like A Boss

-If all you are doing on your phone consists mainly of talking, texting, checking Facebook and emails, and taking pictures, congratulations you are hereby invited to learn how to use your phone like a computer, like a boss as the young folk say. Please Excuse the run on sentence. There is a world of opportunity in that highly advanced piece of technology snuggled away in your pocket. A world that maybe you didn’t know existed. A world perhaps taken for granted. 
-This is geared mainly towards the Android user, however some of this does apply to iPhone users. It is geared towards Android users for two reasons. First and foremost that’s what I use as my daily driver because (secondly) Android has more ability and diversity to do the things mentioned below. That’s not to say iOS isn’t capable, because it most certainly is, I just think there is more freedom on Android.

-To begin with, modern-day smart phones are far more advanced than even desktop PCs were 20+ years ago. Because we often live in the moment it is hard for us to step outside and see modern technology from a retrospective viewpoint. Technology is continuously and sometimes exponentially advancing, with each passing year. Taking all of that into mind, let’s start with basic computing tasks.

-Basic mainstream computing consists of sending and receiving email, Checking social media, watching YouTube and Netflix, browsing the internet, etc…. This can all be done quite easily on your handset. Download the YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and email provider apps if you do not already have them on your phone. However these apps most of them anyways, are normally pre-installed on your phone. Browse the Web with the Chrome app, or shop using the Amazon, eBay or Craigslist apps. Most of you probably already do most of these things so let’s move on to the intermediary stage.

-Now for slightly more advanced levels of PC type usage from a smartphone…..   What if I told you that you could create a resume from scratch on your phone? Or that you could edit an existing PowerPoint presentation? What if you could compose and share a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet? All these things are possible with your Android or iPhone device. All you have to do is go to the Playstore or app store, and download the corresponding apps. Microsoft has developed mobile applications for Word, PowerPoint & Excel. These apps are nearly as intricate as their desktop counter parts. It will take some patience and playing around with the interface of these apps to produce the outcome you desire. 

-Multitasking has become easier and easier with each passing year on mobile devices. Much like multitasking on a computer, multitasking on an Android is a useful tool. We now have split screen as a UI feature built in to Android 7.0 Nougat. So for example you could have chrome loaded on one side of you’re screen with the results of a Google search, and Facebook or gmail or Microsoft Word loaded on the other side of the screen. This comes in handy for copying and pasting. This can also be done in a different way using older Android phones, or even within Nougat phones with apps not supported by split screen feature.  I’m talking about the little square icon, the navigation/multitasking button within Android. This is a quick way to jump between apps or open programs on your phone.

-Check out my previous blog, “Top five ways to get free media on your Android device”. Basically if you follow those methods for free media on your phone, you can pretty much get any song, album, movie, TV show, classic video game via emulator, that you want. Torrent movies and cast them to your TV or monitor. Use the casting technology with Chromecast, Roku, or screen mirroring, to play games on the big screen.  You can even create and share you’re own music from scratch with apps like my personal favorite, FL Studio Mobile. This is a very intricate program/app that allows you to literally create songs from scratch much like it’s bigger brother FL Studio on PC and Mac. Granted it’s not as advanced as it’s desktop counterpart, however it is pretty inclusive.  It will take effort on your part to learn the software as well as 15$ for the app itself.

-Manage banking accounts using your particular banks’ app, most of which allow for transfers between accounts. Write and create blogs like this one. which I use the WordPress app on my phone and nothing more to create content for Phabletguru. Harness advanced photo editing apps in conjunction with one another for some near ‘Photoshop’ quality editing. Create memes and share them on various social media using apps like Pixlr and Picsart and others mentioned in a previous blog “Top Five photo editing apps”. 

-Use your built in camera to record ultra high definition videos. Most phones nowadays can record in 4k. Pair that ability with a tripod for your phone and various video editing and creating apps to make stylized videos to share on your YouTube channel directly from your phone, no computer needed.  This is a more streamlined simple way to do this than having a separate camera, sd card or cable, and a desktop computer. Stay tuned to this channel for more blogs concerning video editing directly from your Android device.

-Utilize the power of built in voice operated AI assistants like Google now/assistant or Siri. These can do all sorts of amazing useful things. From setting alarms and reminders to accessing calendar events and the current weather and driving conditions.  All that however is scratching the surface. Other than doing internet/Google searches,  your assistant can control the temperature in your house, access security cameras, set lawn watering times, turn on and off lights in your house and control your home theater setup. Your smartphone can be the center piece/brains of a smart home. This all is dependent upon what products you buy and implement in your home.

-If you’re into fitness there are massive amounts of health and fitness/diet tracking apps to choose from. Some native and many third party apps are available.  You can download  Books to read, drawing and sketching/painting apps to draw and create art. combine that with a stylus and poof you’re a digital artist.  Create Gifs to share on social media using the many number of gif creating apps out there.  Create pdf’s using different apps and your camera.  Video chat using Google hangouts, Skype, or FaceTime. Post in Reddit forums,  play the guitar, piano or even the didgeridoo. 

-Lastly there are advanced things you can do on your phone previously only accessible on a computer. You can actually create websites straight from your phone, using apps like SimDif, or Weebly. You can edit html code and c+ or c# using various ingenious coding apps. If you haven’t figured it out yet apps are the focal point of taking advantage of that highly sophisticated electronic device you cherish so much. For you coders out there you can code on the go.  This is truly an amazing time for mobile technology.

-If you wish to know more details on any of the above mentioned ways to use your phone like a boss, comment below or navigate to this blogs contact info and shoot me an email.

-This has been a public service announcement funded by the powers that be…..the more you know.


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  1. Jayce Ooi says:

    Yeah… Connect your phone to big monitor with keyboard and mouse. You are the boss then. 😉


    1. PhabletGuru says:

      I was going to add that at the end.. Decided that would be a separate blog.


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