Top Five Ways to Get Free Media On Android. This Is Today’s Tech 5

 –PhabletGuru operates under legal set parameters, the operations herein are merely theoretical. Under no circumstances should you attempt this at home.

  • #5. Mp3 Music Downloaders

-There are always a plethora of these apps in the Google Play Store as you can see above. Just search “Mp3 Downloader” and try some out. Keep in mind that these continually change, and sometimes apps are taken off the playstore. Some of these apps are glitchy, and or don’t work. However give some a try, I’ve found somewhat underground music using this process. Popular music is usually a breeze to find. I found Portishead, Led Zeppelin, Dub FX,  Tool, and Enigma using a downloader app.

-You can always delete the app if it wasn’t up to par. Mixed in with these “downloader” apps are music “player” apps, which are not what you are looking for. Make sure you read the description and comments of the app (most recent) to determine if it’s worth the download. Sometimes some of these mp3 downloader apps will have only portions of songs, or crappy sound quality live performances.  But that is nothing that is a pressing issue. Although You will have to sift through songs to find any of the corrupted/not full songs, from time to time. 

-Using this way of getting music is definitely a process, and don’t forget to delete corrupted, partial, or horrible audio quality files. Some of these types of apps have a cool feature that allows you to listen to samples of the song. This allows you to determine if that’s the song you were looking for.  In short mp3 downloader apps in the play store, takes trial and error to be successful. Not to mention a certain level of patience is required. All in all, mp3 downloader apps are a great way to get free music.

  • #4. Emulators

-Granted this isn’t for downloading music or movies. However video games are considered media. A lot of Tech savvy people enjoy video games. With enough know how and step by step processes, you can download various emulators from the playstore, and be rocking some classic games in no time. My favorite emulator is MegaN64 which is a great Nintendo 64 emulator. 

-There are Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game boy, PlayStation, Psp and other emulators available in the playstore. Once you have the emulator, do a Google search for the roms (The games) such as “Mario Kart 64 rom” or “Tomb Raider rom”. Download said roms from various websites and open them in the newly downloaded emulator app. is a favorite website of mine for downloading roms.

-Playing Mario 64 on ones phone and showing that to someone always brings a level of awe and in the case of iPhone users… jealousy, to the moment. With PlayStation, and original Xbox emulators and some others, it’s a little harder to finally get to where you can play a game. I suggest  googling the steps involved if you are having trouble.

  • #3. Transfer Torrents From Computer

-If you have torrents on your computer (which you shouldn’t, shame on you) it is very easy to hook your phone up via usb cable and drag and drop you’re songs, tv shows, movies etc.. into your phone. Or if you have a micro sd card in your phone and an adapter for it, use that if your laptop or computer has sd card slot to transfer files to.  I would be willing to bet that most people reading this already know this.  

-Chances are, if you’re a tech nerd you have mass amounts of media stored on your PC. You can Put what you want of your collection on your phone for entertainment on the go. Rotate media in and out seamlessly using this technique. Delete the old and enjoy the new.  This is an old technique that has been used for a long time. Even way back in the Flip phone days, using a trusty usb, one could transfer songs to a cell phone.  This is the tried and true way of getting stuff on to your phone. As I said before you all probably know this, I’m just clarifying.

  • #2. Showbox

-You might’ve heard of this way of watching movies for free. Showbox is a free movie and TV show downloading and streaming app for Android. It is regarded as one of the best free Android apps as it allows users to watch movies in HD for free. Show Box is not available in the Google Play store so users will need to sideload it to the device. In your settings under security make sure this is checked or turned on……

Now once that’s turned on you can Google Showbox, and download it using your browser from the website. Install it and poof,…. Free movies. They have a ton of movies, although a lot of them are “B” movies as it were, they also have a great selection of mainstream movies as well. It’s really not as difficult as some may think to get free movies using Showbox. Try it and thank me later (theoretically of coarse). 

-Showbox has made a name for itself in the creepy, muggy, damp underworld of Android phone nerds. It has been thrusted into the underbelly of tech geeks the world over. Chances are you know someone who’s used it, if not you’re in for a treat. It is definitely good arsenal for any self respecting media hound to have and utilize.

  • #1. tTorrent & Torrent Search Engine

-The number one way to get free media on your Android Device takes using two different apps (which are both available in the playstore) in conjunction with one another, tTorrent and Torrent Search Engine. This is my number one for several reasons, first and foremost it can get pretty much all the different stuff the other 4 can, and then some. For example Need Roms for your emulator, just search them using Torrent Search Engine (within the search button of tTorrent). A massive collection of songs, full albums and mainstream and underground music can be found using this method. Instead of using various mp3 downloader apps, which most don’t offer full albums, give this method a try.

-Using this way of getting free media, being a torrent and all, needs not involve your computer. The only reason to use the torrents on your computer would be if you couldn’t find what you were looking for with this method. In comparison to Showbox, it is a more difficult process or technical, if you will, to harness and use. However, this method produces more results, with better selections. As well as giving you resolution options 720p, 1080p, or 4k, you get a higher selection of lesser known titles. 

-But wait, that’s not all! Stick around, there’s more to see folks. Using this double app method one could also acquire various books, novels and works of literature in pdf form. I personally was able to locate a copy of Alchemy and Mysticism by Alexander Roob.  Now for the icing on the cake, in theory, one could download Android applications or apk files, that normally may cost money in the playstore, completely free. The only problem with this is that you wouldn’t get updates from developers since you didn’t really pay for the app. Taking that as it is, you can see the sheer awesomeness to this.

-This method of getting free media is not recommended, torrents are illegal and can sometimes transmit viruses. However one could download movies, books, music, games, television shows, and even paid apps, all for free! With this way of getting free media on your Android phone, tablet, or phablet, you are going to be very satisfied. 
We here at PhabletGuru do not condone breaking the law….breaking the law….

This edition of the Tech 5 was made possible by Judas Priest. And as always, sniff out that media my fellow media hounds.


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