The JBL Flip 3 A Small Package With A Huge Sound… This Is A Saturday Short

JBL Flip 3

-JBL is a company that makes great audio products with very consumer oriented style. Known for headphones and other Bluetooth speakers, JBL always delivers and offers different high quality products at various price tiers. In regards to the JBL Flip 3, If you’re in the right spot around the speaker, you get (for the price) a very good sounding, relatively loud speaker. More on that in a bit. The design is very modern, it’s pretty much just a cylinder (pictured above). The design is, in this bloggers opinion, gorgeous. It has a solid feel to it. It comes in multiple colors, my wife and I went with blue.  This cool looking speaker also includes a splash proof design. In essence you will love the look and feel of it.

-The sound this little thing emits is very good. Much louder than expected from it’s size. It definitely has a room filling sound to it. I mentioned orientation earlier, it’s definitely a loud enough speaker, however if you’re not directly in front middle of it, you loose a bit of the depth in the music. It won’t be noticeable to the untrained ear,  and it’s not enough for me not to recommend it. It has deep enough bass and good mid range tones. The highs seem a little crackly at full volume. But all in all for 99$ (with sales from various retailers) this is certainly worth it. 

-With it’s 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that offers 10 hours of continuous, high-quality stereo audio playtime, the Flip 3 will last and last….. and last.  It has noise and echo canceling  built in speakerphone capabilities for taking calls with crystal clarity.  It also incorporates JBL Connect technology that can wirelessly link multiple JBL Connect enabled speakers together to amplify the sound. You can connect up to 3 devices (phones, tablets) to the Flip 3.  The power on and off tones are assuring and the enjoyable Bluetooth connected tones add to the experience. 

-This has been another edition of the PhabletGuru Saturday Short. 

Today’s episode was brought to you by the color blue. 


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