10 Reasons You Should Not Buy The iPhone 7

-As promised here are 10 reasons to not buy the iPhone 7.  Be sure to read part one, 10 reasons to buy the new iPhone. As with part one, there is no order to the list.

  1. Design
  2. Closed system
  3. Non customizable
  4. No headphone jack
  5. Diversity
  6. No expandable storage
  7. 4 year old screen technology
  8. Price
  9. Higher ratio of paid apps
  10. No wireless charging

-Let’s start with the design shall we, I could say the new iPhone design was uninspired but that would be saying too much. It’s a rehash, an unthoughtful rehash of the last two generations of iPhones. They moved the antenna bands for a more discreet look and put a casting around the camera hump. As well the fact that there is no headphone jack.  That’s it, no other major changes, it literally is the same dimensions as the last generation. Which brings me to my next reason, the screen.  Apple has nearly 4 year old screen technology in their latest flagship. The iPhone has the same ips 720p resolution it’s had for several generations. While competitors are rocking AMOLED ultra high definition 2k panels.

-Whereas Android is open source coding, ios is closed source with a closed system.  The amount of freedom with customizations is almost non existent and somewhat laughable in comparison. The operating system is extremely non customizable. Granted it’s better than four generations back, but light years behind Android. Another thing Android does better is more free apps on the whole. The app store does have a higher ratio of paid apps in comparison. 

-The fact that there is no expandable storage has always been a turnoff for a lot of people. Granted not all Android phones have this feature, which brings me to my next point… diversity, or lack thereof as the case may be.  With Android you have hundreds of different shapes, sizes, and features to fit pretty much any personality or income level, all with drastically different designs and build materials. 

-This next issue is not a huge reason, however one would think Apple would want to be on the cutting edge of technology. The fact that they have no wireless charging informs me they do not want to be cutting edge, almost like they refuse to. My nexus 6, a two year old phone, had wireless charging. The palm pre had wireless charging 5 years ago. There are a growing number of Android smartphones offering this feature, most notably Samsung. 

-Lastly It’s amazing that Apple sells the iPhone 7 at such a high price without all these things mentioned above.  The 256gb iPhone 7 plus for example will set you back 949$.   The base model iPhone 7 starts at 650$, granted that’s not too terribly expensive for us first world”ers”. What you get in the mid range Android market(less than 400$) for example, trumps many categories and features with the iPhone 7. Please forgive my use of the word trump by the way.  This isn’t to say that the iPhone 7 or 7 plus aren’t quality phones on the contrary. The iPhone 7 and 7 plus are fast, efficient, with great cameras, and deserving of high end flagship status. These are just reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 7.

-The preceding blog was brought to you by the PhabletGuru proceeds.


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