10 Reasons To Buy The New IPhone 7

-Welcome To Another Edition Of PhabletGuru’s Geek 10. This is a two parter, beginning with reasons to buy, then of coarse ten reasons not to buy the iPhone 7.   These lists are in no particular order…..Without Further ado I give you ten reasons you should buy the new iPhone. 

  1. Build quality
  2. Ip 67 water and dust resistance
  3. Camera quality
  4. The Apple ecosystem
  5. Stereo speakers
  6. The A10 processor
  7. Accessories
  8. Simplistic optimized os
  9. Up to 256gb storage capacity
  10. Apps

-Ahhh, the iconic iPhone, chances are you enjoy, perhaps even love,  Apple and or iPhone. At the very least you are close to or know someone who does and for good reason. They are beautifully crafted extremely fast and efficient pieces of modern technology. The build quality is and has been expected to have that premium feel. The A10 processor smokes the best the competition has to offer. To put mildly it’s blazing fast. The camera, always an iPhone strong suit, delivers yet again an amazing camera especially if you go with the plus version. The iPhone 7 plus has exceptional camera quality that rivals the best of the best. Wait until you see the new portrait feature of the camera.

-The new stereo speaker setup will definitely provide a more immersive media experience. With the traditional downward facing bottom mounted speaker combined with the earpiece/output speaker that is front facing. This is a step in the right direction.  Even with the missing headphone jack, audio quality is top notch as well. 

-Finally, it’s official, the iPhone 7 is IP 67 certified dust and water resistance. You can listen to your music is the shower, and it will handle spills no problem.  It can even withstand submersion of up to 3.3 ft. of static water for up to 30 minutes. The iPhone 7 has massive storage options this round. Apple did away with the 16gb storage capacity entry tier. It now starts at 32gb of internal storage and goes up to 256gb storage capacity.

-As with every iPhone, when you buy an iPhone you’re also buying the Apple ecosystem. From FaceTime to Mac computers, from the Apple watch to Apple T.V. you can be sure you’re getting the whole experience. Use icloud for backing up photos, contacts, notes, calendar info., and more. Check messages on your iPad using imessage, and respond to them on your mac. 

-In this same realm of advantages to owning the iPhone 7 are the insurmountable amount of accessories and iPhone only apps. In this iPhone mvp world we live in, consumers have a plethora of accessories to choose from. It is, after all,  the most popular smartphone. You have options ranging from specialized docks and camera attachments to cases, skins, and portable chargers with built in lightning cords. The choices of accessories within the iPhone 7 market are overwhelmingly diverse.

-Last but certainly not least, a reason so many people choose iPhone is the easy to use straight forward and simplistic optimized os. I say optimized because the operating system or software/user interface is optimized along with the hardware to give a buttery smooth experience. As a co-worker recently stated it just works. This is accomplished because Apple is not open source and thus both hardware and software are created for each other by ONE company. This is in stark contrast to it’s only competitor, Android, which is just software and is paired with different manufacturers for hardware.

Stay here with your ear against the wall waiting for someone to call out ten reasons not to buy the new iPhone. 

-This ends our nightly broadcast- 


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