The HTC Bolt, A Sprint Exclusive, Review

-As previously stated in other blogs, HTC is one of the many OEM’s hurting right now. They need several wins to come above water. With BlackBerry announcing they will no longer be making phones and Nokia pretty much off the map, one has to leave it to fate from this point on. That being said the HTC Bolt, launching exclusively on Sprint, is a beautifully crafted device, with a premium inviting feel in hand. Joining the other flat back slabs in the market, the Bolt sways away from HTC’s preference for curved backs. It’s chamfered edges are cool to the touch with an asserting sharpness. 

-The 5.5″ super LCD 2k display is what you’d come to expect in a flagship of this caliber. Though it is a little on the dim side for my tastes. That’s not to say that it isn’t a quality screen because it is, just wish they would’ve went with AMOLED.  The crispness of the display is definitely high end.  Colors look nice and aren’t overly saturated. If you’re buying this phone however, it isn’t for the screen. Which brings me too my next point. The speed…..

-Sprints’ network, which has the fastest download speeds in certain markets out of all 4 major U.S.carriers, is completely optimized within this phone.  The HTC Bolt was named after Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man. Not surprising Usain Bolt is helping promote Sprint’s fastest phone ever….the HTC Bolt, in advertisements like this…

Sprints new LTE plus network is blazing fast and this phone harnesses it’s network with it’s optimized antenna and Qualcomm radio chip. Basically, not to get to technical, the HTC Bolt was Built for the extraordinary Sprint LTE Plus network – with support for 3×20 MHz Carrier Aggregation thanks to the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X10 LTE modem. So yeah, it’s fast. 

-This phone looks like, if I may be so blunt, the baby of the HTC built Google Pixel and the HTC 10. The chin doesn’t look like a waste of space with the Bolt as compared to the Google Pixel due to the fingerprint sensor/trackpad. And it has a more pronounced chamfered edge than it’s HTC 10 relative. After playing with it for a coupleI of days, I would like to mention here two aesthetic qualities I enjoy about this phone.  First, how light it is, it is astonishingly light. Secondly, the width of it, when every other phone seems to be getting narrower and narrower, the somewhat wider than normal feel in hand is a breath of fresh air.

-With this phone we can add another OEM to the no headphone jack list. It has joined Motorola and Apple to become the third manufacturer to think that the headphone jack is not needed. Why I do not know. However the sound quality when plugging in headphones via a USB Type C adapter, one can hear the quality of the DAC. Not quite up there with the LG V20, but better than most others.

-Lastly the camera is definitely a flagship camera. A category HTC has always struggled with. This however is, in my humble opinion, the best camera HTC has ever had. It has a 16 megapixel sensor with phase detection  autofocus and dual-LED flash. It sports face detection and Auto-HDR. The front facing selfie cam is a nice 8 megapixel shooter. From what I’ve seen battery life seems to be on par with most other high end Androids. 

-If you’re with Sprint, I highly recommend this phone. If only to take advantage of the faster LTE plus network with Sprint. If you’re with another carrier this might be enough to entice you to give Sprint a try. I promise you’ll enjoy something different.  Sprint is making leaps and bounds in it’s network and continuously advancing technology to serve it’s growing customer base. The HTC Bolt is a wonderful compliment to this network. The HTC Evo 4g, if you remember, was also the first phone to utilize Sprint’s 4g LTE network. It was also a Sprint Exclusive. I guess one could say that Sprint and HTC have a history together with many more to come.

-This has been a PhabletGuru review. Listen in next time as we discover if aliens will invade.


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