Throwback Thursday remembering The HTC G2 

-There was a time not so long ago that HTC reigned supreme.  Nowadays this is not the case, frankly they are hurting along with a lot of other OEM’s who aren’t Apple or Samsung. With the Google Pixel and Pixel XL they hope to appeal to more mainstream consumers. Not to mention the HTC Bolt about to be released exclusively with Sprint, is this an HTC comeback? Time will discern the answer to that question. For now I’d like to reminisce on the HTC  G2.

-By today’s standards this phone is quaint. It sported a whopping 512mb of ram, a 5 megapixel camera with a flash, something it’s predecessor the G1 (world’s first Android smartphone) didn’t have.  This phone had a tiny 480p 3.7″ display. A blazing fast 800MHz processor was on board with expandable storage up to…..get this……. 32gb. As far as qwerty keyboards of the time go, this was an excellent keyboard. Felt great was easy to type on and …. dat hinge. The hinge was a very unique hinge for opening the keyboard. I think they called it a “Z” hinge. The screen would pop up and over the keyboard.

-The phone ran Android 2.2 Froyo. It was a pretty much stock or (vanilla) Android save some T-Mobile preloaded apps that couldn’t be uninstalled. The build quality was superior to the HTC G1 and included some metal accents and the metal back with a button that popped the back off sound familiar? Here’s looking at you LG V20. I thoroughly enjoyed using this phone. it came preloaded with a ton of Google stuff like Google sky map Google voice it was the first phone I remember using that had the Google voice search widget. it even came with Google goggles preloaded and a bunch of other Google apps. 

-The upcoming HTC Bolt on Sprint hopes to bring sprint customers back to HTC. I am personally looking forward to this phone. I think it has a better design than the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. similar the the HTC 10 design of which I am a fan. In anticipation of this sprint exclusive smartphone, I invite you to rekindle our mutual admiration for HTC. The HTC G2 or Desire Z in the unlocked version, was a brick of a smartphone with a great keyboard.  Even if the specs by today’s standards are laughable it was par for the course back then in 2010. 

Stay tuned to PhabletGuru for future public announcements. And as always party on Wayne party on Garth.


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