How To Use Your Phone Like A Computer…… Like A Boss

-If all you are doing on your phone consists mainly of talking, texting, checking Facebook and emails, and taking pictures, congratulations you are hereby invited to learn how to use your phone like a computer, like a boss as the young folk say. Please Excuse the run on sentence. There is a world of opportunity in that highly advanced piece of technology snuggled away in your pocket. A world that maybe you didn’t know existed. A world perhaps taken for granted. 
-This is geared mainly towards the Android user, however some of this does apply to iPhone users. It is geared towards Android users for two reasons. First and foremost that’s what I use as my daily driver because (secondly) Android has more ability and diversity to do the things mentioned below. That’s not to say iOS isn’t capable, because it most certainly is, I just think there is more freedom on Android.

-To begin with, modern-day smart phones are far more advanced than even desktop PCs were 20+ years ago. Because we often live in the moment it is hard for us to step outside and see modern technology from a retrospective viewpoint. Technology is continuously and sometimes exponentially advancing, with each passing year. Taking all of that into mind, let’s start with basic computing tasks.

-Basic mainstream computing consists of sending and receiving email, Checking social media, watching YouTube and Netflix, browsing the internet, etc…. This can all be done quite easily on your handset. Download the YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and email provider apps if you do not already have them on your phone. However these apps most of them anyways, are normally pre-installed on your phone. Browse the Web with the Chrome app, or shop using the Amazon, eBay or Craigslist apps. Most of you probably already do most of these things so let’s move on to the intermediary stage.

-Now for slightly more advanced levels of PC type usage from a smartphone…..   What if I told you that you could create a resume from scratch on your phone? Or that you could edit an existing PowerPoint presentation? What if you could compose and share a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet? All these things are possible with your Android or iPhone device. All you have to do is go to the Playstore or app store, and download the corresponding apps. Microsoft has developed mobile applications for Word, PowerPoint & Excel. These apps are nearly as intricate as their desktop counter parts. It will take some patience and playing around with the interface of these apps to produce the outcome you desire. 

-Multitasking has become easier and easier with each passing year on mobile devices. Much like multitasking on a computer, multitasking on an Android is a useful tool. We now have split screen as a UI feature built in to Android 7.0 Nougat. So for example you could have chrome loaded on one side of you’re screen with the results of a Google search, and Facebook or gmail or Microsoft Word loaded on the other side of the screen. This comes in handy for copying and pasting. This can also be done in a different way using older Android phones, or even within Nougat phones with apps not supported by split screen feature.  I’m talking about the little square icon, the navigation/multitasking button within Android. This is a quick way to jump between apps or open programs on your phone.

-Check out my previous blog, “Top five ways to get free media on your Android device”. Basically if you follow those methods for free media on your phone, you can pretty much get any song, album, movie, TV show, classic video game via emulator, that you want. Torrent movies and cast them to your TV or monitor. Use the casting technology with Chromecast, Roku, or screen mirroring, to play games on the big screen.  You can even create and share you’re own music from scratch with apps like my personal favorite, FL Studio Mobile. This is a very intricate program/app that allows you to literally create songs from scratch much like it’s bigger brother FL Studio on PC and Mac. Granted it’s not as advanced as it’s desktop counterpart, however it is pretty inclusive.  It will take effort on your part to learn the software as well as 15$ for the app itself.

-Manage banking accounts using your particular banks’ app, most of which allow for transfers between accounts. Write and create blogs like this one. which I use the WordPress app on my phone and nothing more to create content for Phabletguru. Harness advanced photo editing apps in conjunction with one another for some near ‘Photoshop’ quality editing. Create memes and share them on various social media using apps like Pixlr and Picsart and others mentioned in a previous blog “Top Five photo editing apps”. 

-Use your built in camera to record ultra high definition videos. Most phones nowadays can record in 4k. Pair that ability with a tripod for your phone and various video editing and creating apps to make stylized videos to share on your YouTube channel directly from your phone, no computer needed.  This is a more streamlined simple way to do this than having a separate camera, sd card or cable, and a desktop computer. Stay tuned to this channel for more blogs concerning video editing directly from your Android device.

-Utilize the power of built in voice operated AI assistants like Google now/assistant or Siri. These can do all sorts of amazing useful things. From setting alarms and reminders to accessing calendar events and the current weather and driving conditions.  All that however is scratching the surface. Other than doing internet/Google searches,  your assistant can control the temperature in your house, access security cameras, set lawn watering times, turn on and off lights in your house and control your home theater setup. Your smartphone can be the center piece/brains of a smart home. This all is dependent upon what products you buy and implement in your home.

-If you’re into fitness there are massive amounts of health and fitness/diet tracking apps to choose from. Some native and many third party apps are available.  You can download  Books to read, drawing and sketching/painting apps to draw and create art. combine that with a stylus and poof you’re a digital artist.  Create Gifs to share on social media using the many number of gif creating apps out there.  Create pdf’s using different apps and your camera.  Video chat using Google hangouts, Skype, or FaceTime. Post in Reddit forums,  play the guitar, piano or even the didgeridoo. 

-Lastly there are advanced things you can do on your phone previously only accessible on a computer. You can actually create websites straight from your phone, using apps like SimDif, or Weebly. You can edit html code and c+ or c# using various ingenious coding apps. If you haven’t figured it out yet apps are the focal point of taking advantage of that highly sophisticated electronic device you cherish so much. For you coders out there you can code on the go.  This is truly an amazing time for mobile technology.

-If you wish to know more details on any of the above mentioned ways to use your phone like a boss, comment below or navigate to this blogs contact info and shoot me an email.

-This has been a public service announcement funded by the powers that be…..the more you know.

Cyber Monday Jitters This Is Another Edition Of  The Phabletguru Saturday Short

-If you’re like me, you’re broke and always looking for deals. If you’re not like me you’ve got money and still like saving it. I’m sure we all enjoyed the savings yesterday on black Friday, I personally had to work. This blog isn’t about black Friday however, this is in regards to the upcoming “Cyber Monday” sale that happens in two days. 
-If you aren’t familiar with Cyber Monday, how dare you! If you are you might have the jitters in anticipation of all the online sales that you are sure to take advantage of. For those of you who aren’t familiar, basically every year on the Monday after Thanksgiving there are amazing discounts and sales available online. There are a lot of retailers who take advantage of this. There are sales ranging from the very obscure to the very common in all sorts of different products from different retail companies. You can purchase from HP, Samsung, Apple, LG, Bose, JBL, and pretty much any product you can think of.

-Do You need a new charger perhaps a new TV maybe just a computer part. Looking for a special Christmas gift for that significant other? Did your coffeemaker go out? Looking for a cool toy to give your child or relative? Need a subscription to various companies or maybe you need a new domain for that website you want to build? You name it the products and deals available on cyber Monday are relatively endless.  Shoppers are expected to spend over 3 billion dollars this Monday. 

-I recommend doing a Google search for “upcoming Cyber Monday deals”. For example I found a two pack of Android fast chargers for 29.99$  which was 120$ that’s a hell of a deal if you ask me. suffice to say one can expect the products to fly off of the cyber shelf as it were, this Monday. We here at PhabletGuru are anxiously waiting for Cyber Monday.

Until next time remember if you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t Cyber Monday?

Top Five Ways to Get Free Media On Android. This Is Today’s Tech 5

 –PhabletGuru operates under legal set parameters, the operations herein are merely theoretical. Under no circumstances should you attempt this at home.

  • #5. Mp3 Music Downloaders

-There are always a plethora of these apps in the Google Play Store as you can see above. Just search “Mp3 Downloader” and try some out. Keep in mind that these continually change, and sometimes apps are taken off the playstore. Some of these apps are glitchy, and or don’t work. However give some a try, I’ve found somewhat underground music using this process. Popular music is usually a breeze to find. I found Portishead, Led Zeppelin, Dub FX,  Tool, and Enigma using a downloader app.

-You can always delete the app if it wasn’t up to par. Mixed in with these “downloader” apps are music “player” apps, which are not what you are looking for. Make sure you read the description and comments of the app (most recent) to determine if it’s worth the download. Sometimes some of these mp3 downloader apps will have only portions of songs, or crappy sound quality live performances.  But that is nothing that is a pressing issue. Although You will have to sift through songs to find any of the corrupted/not full songs, from time to time. 

-Using this way of getting music is definitely a process, and don’t forget to delete corrupted, partial, or horrible audio quality files. Some of these types of apps have a cool feature that allows you to listen to samples of the song. This allows you to determine if that’s the song you were looking for.  In short mp3 downloader apps in the play store, takes trial and error to be successful. Not to mention a certain level of patience is required. All in all, mp3 downloader apps are a great way to get free music.

  • #4. Emulators

-Granted this isn’t for downloading music or movies. However video games are considered media. A lot of Tech savvy people enjoy video games. With enough know how and step by step processes, you can download various emulators from the playstore, and be rocking some classic games in no time. My favorite emulator is MegaN64 which is a great Nintendo 64 emulator. 

-There are Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game boy, PlayStation, Psp and other emulators available in the playstore. Once you have the emulator, do a Google search for the roms (The games) such as “Mario Kart 64 rom” or “Tomb Raider rom”. Download said roms from various websites and open them in the newly downloaded emulator app. is a favorite website of mine for downloading roms.

-Playing Mario 64 on ones phone and showing that to someone always brings a level of awe and in the case of iPhone users… jealousy, to the moment. With PlayStation, and original Xbox emulators and some others, it’s a little harder to finally get to where you can play a game. I suggest  googling the steps involved if you are having trouble.

  • #3. Transfer Torrents From Computer

-If you have torrents on your computer (which you shouldn’t, shame on you) it is very easy to hook your phone up via usb cable and drag and drop you’re songs, tv shows, movies etc.. into your phone. Or if you have a micro sd card in your phone and an adapter for it, use that if your laptop or computer has sd card slot to transfer files to.  I would be willing to bet that most people reading this already know this.  

-Chances are, if you’re a tech nerd you have mass amounts of media stored on your PC. You can Put what you want of your collection on your phone for entertainment on the go. Rotate media in and out seamlessly using this technique. Delete the old and enjoy the new.  This is an old technique that has been used for a long time. Even way back in the Flip phone days, using a trusty usb, one could transfer songs to a cell phone.  This is the tried and true way of getting stuff on to your phone. As I said before you all probably know this, I’m just clarifying.

  • #2. Showbox

-You might’ve heard of this way of watching movies for free. Showbox is a free movie and TV show downloading and streaming app for Android. It is regarded as one of the best free Android apps as it allows users to watch movies in HD for free. Show Box is not available in the Google Play store so users will need to sideload it to the device. In your settings under security make sure this is checked or turned on……

Now once that’s turned on you can Google Showbox, and download it using your browser from the website. Install it and poof,…. Free movies. They have a ton of movies, although a lot of them are “B” movies as it were, they also have a great selection of mainstream movies as well. It’s really not as difficult as some may think to get free movies using Showbox. Try it and thank me later (theoretically of coarse). 

-Showbox has made a name for itself in the creepy, muggy, damp underworld of Android phone nerds. It has been thrusted into the underbelly of tech geeks the world over. Chances are you know someone who’s used it, if not you’re in for a treat. It is definitely good arsenal for any self respecting media hound to have and utilize.

  • #1. tTorrent & Torrent Search Engine

-The number one way to get free media on your Android Device takes using two different apps (which are both available in the playstore) in conjunction with one another, tTorrent and Torrent Search Engine. This is my number one for several reasons, first and foremost it can get pretty much all the different stuff the other 4 can, and then some. For example Need Roms for your emulator, just search them using Torrent Search Engine (within the search button of tTorrent). A massive collection of songs, full albums and mainstream and underground music can be found using this method. Instead of using various mp3 downloader apps, which most don’t offer full albums, give this method a try.

-Using this way of getting free media, being a torrent and all, needs not involve your computer. The only reason to use the torrents on your computer would be if you couldn’t find what you were looking for with this method. In comparison to Showbox, it is a more difficult process or technical, if you will, to harness and use. However, this method produces more results, with better selections. As well as giving you resolution options 720p, 1080p, or 4k, you get a higher selection of lesser known titles. 

-But wait, that’s not all! Stick around, there’s more to see folks. Using this double app method one could also acquire various books, novels and works of literature in pdf form. I personally was able to locate a copy of Alchemy and Mysticism by Alexander Roob.  Now for the icing on the cake, in theory, one could download Android applications or apk files, that normally may cost money in the playstore, completely free. The only problem with this is that you wouldn’t get updates from developers since you didn’t really pay for the app. Taking that as it is, you can see the sheer awesomeness to this.

-This method of getting free media is not recommended, torrents are illegal and can sometimes transmit viruses. However one could download movies, books, music, games, television shows, and even paid apps, all for free! With this way of getting free media on your Android phone, tablet, or phablet, you are going to be very satisfied. 
We here at PhabletGuru do not condone breaking the law….breaking the law….

This edition of the Tech 5 was made possible by Judas Priest. And as always, sniff out that media my fellow media hounds.

The JBL Flip 3 A Small Package With A Huge Sound… This Is A Saturday Short

JBL Flip 3

-JBL is a company that makes great audio products with very consumer oriented style. Known for headphones and other Bluetooth speakers, JBL always delivers and offers different high quality products at various price tiers. In regards to the JBL Flip 3, If you’re in the right spot around the speaker, you get (for the price) a very good sounding, relatively loud speaker. More on that in a bit. The design is very modern, it’s pretty much just a cylinder (pictured above). The design is, in this bloggers opinion, gorgeous. It has a solid feel to it. It comes in multiple colors, my wife and I went with blue.  This cool looking speaker also includes a splash proof design. In essence you will love the look and feel of it.

-The sound this little thing emits is very good. Much louder than expected from it’s size. It definitely has a room filling sound to it. I mentioned orientation earlier, it’s definitely a loud enough speaker, however if you’re not directly in front middle of it, you loose a bit of the depth in the music. It won’t be noticeable to the untrained ear,  and it’s not enough for me not to recommend it. It has deep enough bass and good mid range tones. The highs seem a little crackly at full volume. But all in all for 99$ (with sales from various retailers) this is certainly worth it. 

-With it’s 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that offers 10 hours of continuous, high-quality stereo audio playtime, the Flip 3 will last and last….. and last.  It has noise and echo canceling  built in speakerphone capabilities for taking calls with crystal clarity.  It also incorporates JBL Connect technology that can wirelessly link multiple JBL Connect enabled speakers together to amplify the sound. You can connect up to 3 devices (phones, tablets) to the Flip 3.  The power on and off tones are assuring and the enjoyable Bluetooth connected tones add to the experience. 

-This has been another edition of the PhabletGuru Saturday Short. 

Today’s episode was brought to you by the color blue. 

Chromecast Vs Roku…The Battle Of The Streamers

Which media streamer should you buy? That is a question best left to PhabletGuru. 

-This is definitely a tough matchup.  Part of me wants to say buy both of them, especially if you’ve got more than one hdmi port (most modern tv’s do) or multiple tv’s. However, if by chance you only want one of them, you might ask yourself “Which one should I buy”?  Well you are in luck my friends because PhabletGuru has an answer for you. Let’s start with Chromecast pictured below.. 

The Google Chromecast 35$

-Here are the geeky specs for those of you interested….

  • Output: HDMI, CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) compatible.
  • Max. Output Video Resolution: 1080p.(unless you get the Ultra, which supports 4k)
  • Wireless Standards: 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz)
  • Wireless Security: WEP, WPA/WPA2.
  • Ports: HDMI, micro USB

-For the sake of comparison we are comparing the base models of each. Chromecast also has the Chromecast ultra, and Chromecast audio. With a device like this, specs don’t really tell you much. My experience with the Chromecast has been mostly an enjoyable one, save for a couple of minor glitches. Most notably, sometimes devices will not connect to the Chromecast when trying to use the YouTube or Netflix app. The only way I’ve seen to fix this problem is to unplug the Chromecast and then plug it back in as well as turn the Wi-Fi off of my phone and then turn it back on. This is somewhat troublesome I do not know if it’s my phone, the Wi-Fi or the Chromecast or if it’s even a known issue.  Other than that the Chromecast is an awesome streaming media device with little to no hiccups.

-When you download Google Home, formerly known as Google Cast, you get a world of options opened up to you. Namely casting your screen (in real time) to your television. This is a cool parlor trick to show off to any family and friends you might have as company. After you’ve selected “Cast screen” from the Google home app on your mobile device, navigate to your photo album and they see your screen from your phone or tablet or computer as it is, on the big screen. Do this while playing a playlist from Google Play Music and viola instant entertainment.  With casting of your screen you can do things like mobile gaming, use your phone as the controller while viewing your game on your TV. You get the gist of it.

-Lastly, native apps such as YouTube and even third-party apps like Netflix, at least on an Android (a Google owned company) device run smoothly with Google Chromecast. A lot of apps will have a little square icon usually in the top right corner of the app, which will connect directly to a corresponding native Google Chromecast function. You can have several people connected to Chromecast and there are games designed specifically for that. Everyone with the YouTube app can add to the communal playlist. You just have to experience Chromecast to understand how amazing and enjoyable and entertaining it is.

 -It is now time to talk about another media streaming device, The all powerful Roku.

Roku Streaming Stick (3600) 49$
Keeping with good form, here are the Roku specs, keep in mind, as with the Chromecast, there are different models.

  • 802.11 (b/g/n) dual-band wireless
  • Video output: 1080p (4k with Roku 4)
  • Digital stereo over HDMI®, DTS Digital Surround™ pass through over HDMI®
  • Point-anywhere RF remote with channel shortcut buttons
  • Over 2,000 channels available
  • Quad core processor
  • Integrated ui software

-Navigation is a breeze with the included remote control. Or, alternately, you could download the Roku app (which I highly recommend) that has a virtual remote you can use on your phone. The Roku app is very user friendly with tons of features. The design of the Roku Streaming Stick is inherently different than that of the Chromecast. It is a stick, which might be a problem for wall mounted tv’s with rear facing HDMI ports. Otherwise, at ground level, the Roku stick seems to be more powerful. This is due to the channels available and the quadcore processor within.

-A main difference between the two is the fact you have actual channels, (2,000+) as mentioned above, including Amazon video, Disney, Fox News, and others within the Roku channel store. Granted a lot of channels could potentially cost money, however there are a lot of free channels as well from the basics like Netflix (With a specialized Roku ui), YouTube, etc to the rare/underground and or alternative media channels such as Technobuffalo, the Young Turks online news organization, Android Authority and many more.  There are no built in channels on Chromecast, everything is done from supported apps and or screen casting.

-Little things like being able to plug headphones into your phone for private listening, or the included dedicated remote control make the Roku feel more like a new novel set top box as opposed to the streaming stick that it is.  As with Chromecast you can cast content from you tablet or phone directly to your TV. I will say that the Chromecast works a tad bit smoother with Android native apps, being Google and all.  In the end, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

-So where does that leave us. If you do not have a cable or satellite subscription service I say go with the Roku. if you do I say go with the Chromecast. Keep in mind that both of these streaming devices use Wi-Fi.  If you were to get both, however, you could possibly save some money and do away with your cable or satellite. I enjoy both my Roku and my Chromecast equally.  All that being said we have to pick a winner. In this reviewer’s opinion, if push came to shove, I would choose the Google Chromecast. 

Thanks for reading, and remember every word read donates ideas to the ontological fabric of consciousness.

-This is PhabletGuru signing off-

10 Reasons You Should Not Buy The iPhone 7

-As promised here are 10 reasons to not buy the iPhone 7.  Be sure to read part one, 10 reasons to buy the new iPhone. As with part one, there is no order to the list.

  1. Design
  2. Closed system
  3. Non customizable
  4. No headphone jack
  5. Diversity
  6. No expandable storage
  7. 4 year old screen technology
  8. Price
  9. Higher ratio of paid apps
  10. No wireless charging

-Let’s start with the design shall we, I could say the new iPhone design was uninspired but that would be saying too much. It’s a rehash, an unthoughtful rehash of the last two generations of iPhones. They moved the antenna bands for a more discreet look and put a casting around the camera hump. As well the fact that there is no headphone jack.  That’s it, no other major changes, it literally is the same dimensions as the last generation. Which brings me to my next reason, the screen.  Apple has nearly 4 year old screen technology in their latest flagship. The iPhone has the same ips 720p resolution it’s had for several generations. While competitors are rocking AMOLED ultra high definition 2k panels.

-Whereas Android is open source coding, ios is closed source with a closed system.  The amount of freedom with customizations is almost non existent and somewhat laughable in comparison. The operating system is extremely non customizable. Granted it’s better than four generations back, but light years behind Android. Another thing Android does better is more free apps on the whole. The app store does have a higher ratio of paid apps in comparison. 

-The fact that there is no expandable storage has always been a turnoff for a lot of people. Granted not all Android phones have this feature, which brings me to my next point… diversity, or lack thereof as the case may be.  With Android you have hundreds of different shapes, sizes, and features to fit pretty much any personality or income level, all with drastically different designs and build materials. 

-This next issue is not a huge reason, however one would think Apple would want to be on the cutting edge of technology. The fact that they have no wireless charging informs me they do not want to be cutting edge, almost like they refuse to. My nexus 6, a two year old phone, had wireless charging. The palm pre had wireless charging 5 years ago. There are a growing number of Android smartphones offering this feature, most notably Samsung. 

-Lastly It’s amazing that Apple sells the iPhone 7 at such a high price without all these things mentioned above.  The 256gb iPhone 7 plus for example will set you back 949$.   The base model iPhone 7 starts at 650$, granted that’s not too terribly expensive for us first world”ers”. What you get in the mid range Android market(less than 400$) for example, trumps many categories and features with the iPhone 7. Please forgive my use of the word trump by the way.  This isn’t to say that the iPhone 7 or 7 plus aren’t quality phones on the contrary. The iPhone 7 and 7 plus are fast, efficient, with great cameras, and deserving of high end flagship status. These are just reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 7.

-The preceding blog was brought to you by the PhabletGuru proceeds.

10 Reasons To Buy The New IPhone 7

-Welcome To Another Edition Of PhabletGuru’s Geek 10. This is a two parter, beginning with reasons to buy, then of coarse ten reasons not to buy the iPhone 7.   These lists are in no particular order…..Without Further ado I give you ten reasons you should buy the new iPhone. 

  1. Build quality
  2. Ip 67 water and dust resistance
  3. Camera quality
  4. The Apple ecosystem
  5. Stereo speakers
  6. The A10 processor
  7. Accessories
  8. Simplistic optimized os
  9. Up to 256gb storage capacity
  10. Apps

-Ahhh, the iconic iPhone, chances are you enjoy, perhaps even love,  Apple and or iPhone. At the very least you are close to or know someone who does and for good reason. They are beautifully crafted extremely fast and efficient pieces of modern technology. The build quality is and has been expected to have that premium feel. The A10 processor smokes the best the competition has to offer. To put mildly it’s blazing fast. The camera, always an iPhone strong suit, delivers yet again an amazing camera especially if you go with the plus version. The iPhone 7 plus has exceptional camera quality that rivals the best of the best. Wait until you see the new portrait feature of the camera.

-The new stereo speaker setup will definitely provide a more immersive media experience. With the traditional downward facing bottom mounted speaker combined with the earpiece/output speaker that is front facing. This is a step in the right direction.  Even with the missing headphone jack, audio quality is top notch as well. 

-Finally, it’s official, the iPhone 7 is IP 67 certified dust and water resistance. You can listen to your music is the shower, and it will handle spills no problem.  It can even withstand submersion of up to 3.3 ft. of static water for up to 30 minutes. The iPhone 7 has massive storage options this round. Apple did away with the 16gb storage capacity entry tier. It now starts at 32gb of internal storage and goes up to 256gb storage capacity.

-As with every iPhone, when you buy an iPhone you’re also buying the Apple ecosystem. From FaceTime to Mac computers, from the Apple watch to Apple T.V. you can be sure you’re getting the whole experience. Use icloud for backing up photos, contacts, notes, calendar info., and more. Check messages on your iPad using imessage, and respond to them on your mac. 

-In this same realm of advantages to owning the iPhone 7 are the insurmountable amount of accessories and iPhone only apps. In this iPhone mvp world we live in, consumers have a plethora of accessories to choose from. It is, after all,  the most popular smartphone. You have options ranging from specialized docks and camera attachments to cases, skins, and portable chargers with built in lightning cords. The choices of accessories within the iPhone 7 market are overwhelmingly diverse.

-Last but certainly not least, a reason so many people choose iPhone is the easy to use straight forward and simplistic optimized os. I say optimized because the operating system or software/user interface is optimized along with the hardware to give a buttery smooth experience. As a co-worker recently stated it just works. This is accomplished because Apple is not open source and thus both hardware and software are created for each other by ONE company. This is in stark contrast to it’s only competitor, Android, which is just software and is paired with different manufacturers for hardware.

Stay here with your ear against the wall waiting for someone to call out ten reasons not to buy the new iPhone. 

-This ends our nightly broadcast-