– You might be wondering why I’ve chosen a smartwatch that has been out for a year and 1/2 already as a centerpiece for this review. And you wouldn’t be alone I myself am wondering the same thing, and when I respond to that question I come up with a very simple answer. The answer is because it is still valid in today’s market. Now before you lay me out to pasture let me say a couple of things real quick. Yes there are more powerful more advanced smartwatches on the market, and Yes they have more features and I recommend a majority of those. There’s just something about the pebble time that keeps me going to it. maybe it’s the 10 day battery life maybe it’s the retro feel maybe it does what we want our smartwatch to do in the simplest easiest most efficient and direct way. not to mention it’s fully compatible with both ios and android. In addition, for the five of you out there with Windows phone, it works with that platform as well.
-Battery life is….well… simply the best out of any smartwatch on the market. But this is partly due to the fact that the screen has an E ink color display that makes it extremely easy to see in broad daylight and the back light only comes on with a simple press of a button so you don’t have to have that continuously on. It has the most endurance driven battery out there, bar none. However you do sacrifice vibrant colors, and touchscreen with the screen on the Pebble Time.

-As mentioned above, it has a retro look and feel to it that draws out a certain crowd. it looks kind of like a miniaturized tube television from the 50s without the antenna as you can see in the picture above. Not to mention there are a plethora of bands to choose from online either on Pebbles own website or third party manufacturers on Amazon eBay etc. personally I love the look. I can say however, that there is one design flaw in my opinion which is the fact that the coating around the screen, on the bezel, scratches extremely easily. I do recommend getting some sort of guard to protect it. Then again this scratched up look adds a certain rugged manly worn feel. You ladies will probably want protection.

-The software is proprietary and pretty skimmed down it reminds me of an old DOSshell UI. that’s not to say it’s not very functional or feature packed because like I said earlier it does what we want our smart watches to do in a very straightforward very easy to use way. You navigate via the physical buttons on the right and one on the left. you have a microphone to reply to text messages with voice however there is a six second time limit for message responding so you need to say what you want to say very fast and very clearly.. however I can say that I haven’t noticed very many inaccuracies if any in the voice recognition software. It’s actually pretty good software. 

-See notifications at a glance, change watch faces, control your music, respond to notifications,  it does it all. I would like to salute Pebble for kickstarting the whole smart watch industry as a kickstarter campaign with the release of the original Pebble smart watch. The Pebble family of smart watches were smart watches before smart watches were even a thing. This gives Pebble bragging rights and they are known in the hood as the OG smart watch. Now I’m going to say “Smart Watches” one last time, smart watches. In fact the Pebble Time set two kickstarter records. First it became the fastest project to raise 1 million$ dollars, in 49 minutes. Secondly, The Pebble Time had the highest dollar amount of pledges out of all kickstarter campaigns totaling $13.3 million.

-Finally the price point is an alluring aspect that might make you want to purchase this watch. You can acquire one of your very own Pebble Time smart watches from third party online retailers for as little as 65$. That’s a steal if you ask me. Compared to 369$ base starting point for the Apple watch, 299$ for the Moto 360 sport, or even 149$ for the Asus Zen watch Pebble comes out on top. It is a good starting point for smart watches, a watch to get your feet wet, to build your chops or get a feel for what they bring to your mobile life. I myself enjoy mine and am anxiously awaiting the January 2017 Pebble Time 2 release.

-Until next time this is PhabletGuru wishing all the guru’s out there happy Bluetooth pairing. 


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