Feature Phone Nostalgia

-A Trekkie Techie Production-

-As you can see from the collage above, not so long ago, phones had…….. well……a bizarre style about them. A sort of avant garde, neo-retro steampunk’esque’ look. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the modern smartphone era. The power of this high tech and it’s novelty is astounding. And I wouldn’t give it up or trade it for any of these feature phones. But I feel as though we’ve lost something, a uniqueness in design that brought higher diversity in identifying with your “cell.” 
-A cell in those days represented a part of your personality or was associated with self identity. And oh boy did we have choices galore. No phone looked alike. Every phone had a different individual design language. Some of these cell phones, later referred to as “feature phones”, were very good for the time. Admittedly there were a lot of flops like the “Taco phone” look it up or the Microsoft Kin. Regardless, with features like swivel screens, trac balls odd shapes, sliders, twisters, clickable buttons hinges etc… One wonders what happened? How did we end up with nearly every single modern smartphone being a slab? There isn’t a sufficient amount of diversity.

-Sure now we have superior, vastly faster processors, exponentially better cameras, more intuitive innovative interconnected software and media streaming. Gyroscopes, compasses, mp3’s, and global communicative internet all encompasses the modern smartphone. In today’s age that is where the novelty has emerged, that is the personalization aspect as opposed to external design personalization. The focal point is functionality and user interface.

-In conclusion what we gain in these modern times of high tech mobility, we loose and compromise in the design department. I for one as I’ve said before, would like to see some of these features make a comeback. In essence join the old with the new for fresh new designs. The PhabletGuru has spoken…..

-Make it so-


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