Top 5 Archaic Mobile Features I’d Like To See Make A Comeback

Today’s Tech 5 is brought to you by my disgust of the currently airing Clown Show I mean Presidential debate. Enjoy!


-As with the ebb and flow of novelty and habit, mobile features wax and wayne with a similar progression. Features come and go and others remain, whilst some have a second coming as it were. This is my list of features I’d like to see do just that. Without further ado I give you Today’s Tech 5

  • #5. Dedicated shutter button.  

-Maybe I’m alone on this, or maybe no one thinks about it but I remember a time when mobile phones had dedicated physical shutter buttons. ‘Scuse me sonny…. Grandpa wants his physical buttons back. Silly you say? Well no more so than a physical mute button! I could just as easily press the volume down button for literally 1 extra second to produce the same outcome. 1 second, can we not wait 1 extra second in today’s busy world? I’d rather our high end point and shoot replacement cameras on our phones, have a shutter button that would make it feel more like a camera instead of fumbling around one handed and awkwardly touch the screen to capture! Just my opinion but tis a feature all but extinct.

  • #4. Built in F.M. Transmitter 

-This one, I’ll admit, is a bit of stretch. However, the all mighty Bluetooth and endangered headphone jack are not omnipresent as of yet or absent as the case may be. Fm radio isn’t going anywhere. It’s not as prevalent as it once was true, but still used today. It would give you the freedom of Bluetooth and be backwards compatible. I occasionally reminisce about my LG Fusic flip phone with Sprint which was a cool music’centric’ flip phone with a built in F.M. transmitter. It also had a feature along with older Nokia’s and others that leads me to…..

  • #3. Led notification lights

-There are few that keep this feature alive. For the most part it isn’t used in the industry anymore. Luckily the most profitable of them all, Apple incorporates it, kind of. This is a sad thing. Yes vibration is cool, and yes always on features that some harness might be more efficient, but there’s just something satisfying about looking across a large room or building, and seeing a blinking red, green, or blue light in the distance alerting you to something most certainly important! My SideKick LX 09 for T-Mobile comes to mind. Those were the days indeed.

  • #2. Removable Batteries

-In much of the current low end market this feature is king, however that doesn’t translate into the high end market sadly. Except for one lone trailblazing company LG, which holds true and sticks to their guns. Which is one feature I’m excited about among others in their upcoming V20. To go from zero percent battery to 100 percent in a matter of moments beats the fastest wireless charger on the market. Sure you have to purchase extra batteries, I remember a season not that long ago, where companies included an extra battery in the box. The unboxing experience in those days was far more enticing.

  • #1. Physical Qwerty Keyboard

-PLEASE ALLOW ME TO SHOUT OVER ALL THE BOO’S AND HISS’S! Ok thank you lol(to use the editorial lol) that’s better…….. As with removable batteries there is an exception to this one, BlackBerry (R.I.P.) With their BlackBerry Priv released earlier this year, a sight to behold. Other than that one exception, everyone in the industry pretty much gave up on this beloved past time or Archaic feature. A feature this PhabletGuru would nostalgically love to see make a comeback. The tactile experience, the shortcut keys, the shift button etc… Was all very mini computer feeling. Regardless I hope this ancient feature doesn’t go completely extinct.


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