Are We Witnessing The Death Of Samsung?

-A PhabletGuru News Brief-

-Here is a company that rose up from under the shadows of the almighty iPhone amongst many other competitors under that shadow to become a kind of Android juggernaut of sorts. Samsung has it’s hands in so many various products it’s amazing how successful it’s Galaxy line of phones has become. I myself thoroughly enjoyed my Galaxy Note 2 & 4. This powerhouse of a reputation is in jeopardy of losing customer base and profit due to the fact that their products keep exploding! Several weeks ago the massive undertaking of a global scale recall of millions of Galaxy Note 7’s was a shocking blow to this South Korean Tech Giant. If that wasn’t bad enough several replacement Note 7’s have also caught fire and/or exploded issuing a possible death sentence to Samsung. Not to mention the incident with a Samsung washing machine supposedly exploding as well. For your safety I recommend that you not buy any Note 7’s. 

-The Question I am left asking myself is will Samsung scrap this whole Note project completely? I don’t think Samsung could afford another global recall. Because of this fact there is another question which pops into mind, who will stand to benefit from this? Hopefully all the other players in the mobile Android space such as Motorola, LG, HTC, BlackBerry, Alcatel, Huawei, Sony etc…. Will get some much needed sales. Unfortunately In the minds of the common consumer Samsung is synonymous with Android. Working, as I do, in the mobile retail industry I can tell you that there is a percentage of people who don’t know the difference between operating systems and legitimately think that LG, HTC, etc. have proprietary operating systems (i.e. not Android). This leaves one company, one player in the mobile industry that stands to gain from Samsung’s misfortune. Namely Apple Inc. 

-Samsung has halted all productions of the Galaxy Note 7. In the US, At&t has confirmed it is removing it from their lineup. T-Mobile and Verizon have made similar statements. Sprint is the only one not yet jumping ship, however we here a PhabletGuru expect that to change shortly. Where does that leave Samsung? Some have speculated that they are going to have an early release of their Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. Will they scrap the Note line completely? Which begs the question will we no longer see the Spen in the phablet market? The iconic stylus that has changed the way we see phablets and productivity will exist no more? I for one personally do not want that to happen. The functionality and content creation aspects that this iconic stylus brings to the table are simply amazing. Only Time will Tell the fate of Samsung and or the Note series.

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-A sad 😢 PhabletGuru news brief-


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