Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Will They Do Well? Only Time Will Tell.

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-Now I’m just going to say this upfront, call me crazy if you must but, these phones, on the front…………. Look like IPhone’s. Or at the very least, they have the same curves, the same chin and bezels, even offering the same screen sizes of 5″ & 5.5″. For the “Plus” respectively. All you have to do is imagine a home button on the bottom and voilà, you have an iPhone. This is a very uninspiring design that is most definitely an iPhone clone. This in part, I believe, has to do with Google’s choice of HTC as the manufacturer for their phones. Here’s looking at you HTC A9. 😉

now that, that elephant is out of the bag, let’s get down to business shall we? Being as though I don’t actually have this phone, this is simply my impressions on what has already been reported on. And so, I bring you the Geek 10 List. 

  1. Snapdragon 821 processor
  2. 12 megapixel Camera f2/0 aperture 1.55 microns ultra pixel 
  3. 4gb of RAM
  4. 5″ 1080p AMOLED panel or 5.5″ 2k quad HD AMOLED panel with the XL
  5. Rear mounted fingerprint sensor
  6. 32gb or 128gb of storage 
  7. 8 megapixel front shooter
  8. USB Type C for charging and data transfer
  9. Android 7.0 Nougat
  10. 2770 mAh battery or 3450 mAh battery

-That sounds about right, definitely par for the course in today’s high end market. The camera has been claimed by Google to be the best camera on any smartphone. That sort of claim will have to be determined. That being said…. The phone itself, if I may say so, seems lacking. Let me explain before you run for the hills. Moving into 2017 one might wonder why (like Apple) wireless charging is absent? I would think Apple and Google would want to embrace this technology and future proof their respective flagships. At least Samsung got that right along with the sd card expansion thing. Which suspiciously is also absent as it has been from Stock Android phones. Say goodbye to front facing stereo speakers and say hello to bottom mounted speakers. And with a claim like “Best camera on a smartphone” you would think it would have OIS (optical image stabilization) on board like it’s two main competitors Galaxy and Iphone. 

-The last thing I would like to mention here in the end before stating why I think you should buy this phone is two parts. First, The price… Compared to last gen prices, it is definitely more expensive, about 150$ more expensive. Compared to the ZTE Axon 7, for example, there isn’t much noticeably different. Second, the back, which houses the fingerprint sensor yes, and good choice Google, but it also has a two toned/textured  back. A back that, as you can see above, quite frankly portrays a Frankenstein’esque’ image. In other words, this phone ugly! Yes the front looks like an IPhone without the fingerprint sensor, but I don’t know what Google and or HTC were thinking with the design of this back.

-Finally, I will end with this statement alluded to earlier, if you have the money buy this phone! Buy this phone for two reasons. One, it’s Google, a company that is not only the most profitable company on the planet, surpassing Apple not that long ago, but also a highly advanced integrated ecosystem with AI at the forefront. Combine that with the latest and greatest software from Google including dibs on updates.  And two, it takes sales away from Apple and Samsung which drives competition and innovation and more diversity in the free market. Which is all any self respecting PhabletGuru really wants.



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