Top Five Android Launchers

-Welcome to another edition of the PhabletGuru’s tech five. Today we touch upon a beloved category of mine………launchers. If you don’t know what a launcher is, shame on you. If you do, then bare with me one moment. Basically, a launcher can best be described as a home screen[s] replacement. A customizable theme, that not only changes the look of your home screen or screens, but can change the transitional animations, app drawer icon and layout, how folders look, app icons, etc… If your an iPhone user, imagine an Android phone looking and operating within the ui, like an IPhone. 

-We, on Android, have so many customization options to choose from that some might get overwhelmed. That’s where I step in and try and narrow it down to what I consider to be the best launchers I’ve used. Without further ado I give to you…. 

 -The Launcher edition-

  • #5 Google Now Launcher

-This is for the purist, the Google fanboy, the Nexus owner using LG or Samsung for reasons unknown. the Google Now Launcher is a simplistic yet quick and efficient android launcher. With it’s clean flat look it gives elegance to any hardware. If you don’t mind the absence of customizations, and you’d rather have more of a simpler u.i, then this is for you. Not to mention all the googlelicous awesomeness with built in Google functionality.

    •  #4. Go Launcher

      -Customizations is what Android is all about, and this launcher shows that off with tons of options. From transition animations, to icon customizations, you can truly make your phone fit your personality. With a little know how, luck, and a couple of companion apps, you can create an lcars computer interface seen in various Star Trek series and movies. Add to all that the innumerable amount of pre-made themes, and you’ve got yourself a winner. 

      • #3. Apex Launcher Pro

      -If you want efficiency, speed, and simplistic beauty you might want to give Apex Launcher Pro a run, you won’t regret it. Very customizable yet surprisingly simple and elegant. It’s extremely fast and zippy with it’s easy to use UI. Are you tired of touchwiz, Sense UI, or LG’s user interface? Then try this Launcher to customize to your liking. The unmatched speedy”ness”, if you will, is worth the 3.99$ price tag, our first launcher on this list that isn’t free. But, it is definitely worth the 4 bucks. If you value speed, and elegance.

      • #2. Nova Launcher

      -This is the most known and used launcher on this list. It has almost a cultish aura about it. And rightly so, you want customizations and tweaks to completely change your app drawer? How about customizable gestures that you can assign actions, apps, toggles, or quick calls or messages to? Then this is it, this is the creme of the crop right here. I’ve personally used this launcher more than others on this list. It’s the tried and true go to launcher for many a fanboys launcher lineup. Give it shot, I know you will like it. Keep in mind, to fully experience every tweak, and crevice……….      be prepared to set aside a couple hours. 

      • #1. Next Launcher 3d Shell

        -You might be thinking…. ‘what the hell is that’ and you wouldn’t be alone. Even though this is THE most customizable, feature rich launcher on the market, it isn’t widely known or used as much as others on this list. That may be due to the fact that it costs a whopping $16.99. Personally I believe it’s worth it. You will see why if you try the free lite version (which allows you to use it for a brief period.) Imagine a launcher with so much freedom and personalization and options to customize that you can get lost for days in the settings and seemingly hidden features. I mean you can change the lighting and shadows on the previously changed app icons!! Here watch this video introduction that first led me to this uber customizable launcher.

        -This short video shows off maybe 25% of what you can do with this launcher. It didn’t even really get into the 3d aspect of it. Regardless try it out first with the free lite version and I promise, you will buy it.

        -Thus ends our tech five nightcap brought to you by PhabletGuru, your source for all things awesome!!


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