Looking Back @ The Nexus… The Throw Back Thursday Edition

-Rest In Peace Nexus……RIP. With the introduction of the Pixel, we say goodbye to the Nexus line here at PhabletGuru. The rumor is Google is halting production of Nexus devices. What a wonderful strange trip it’s been. The very name invoked purity and allegiance. Respected the world over by geeks and tech nerds and Connoisseurs alike. Wherein lied the problem. At least from an economic growth standpoint. There was no mainstream mass appeal for the Nexus line. Something Google hopes to remedy with the new Pixel family. 

-I am going to use this blog as a reminiscent way of looking back at the Nexus line, in all it’s geeky glory. Join us here at PhabletGuru as we look back at the various Nexus devices invoking warm fuzzy feelings. Be sure to like and share if you have fond memories of this iconic line of devices.

Nexus One-

-The Nexus One (first codenamed HTC passion) made it’s debut in January 2010 and was manufactured by HTC, not surprising considering HTC made the worlds first Android smartphone. It shipped with Android 2.1 Eclair and received updates all the way to Gingerbread. It had 512mb of ram and 512mb storage, we have come far. Notice the trackball? This also supported a micro sd card slot for expandable storage up to 32gb’s. This was the beginning of the Nexus legacy. 

The phone shipped with an unlocked bootloader which made it easy to root and helped developers develop applications for what was known then as the Android market, later named the Google Play Store.

-Nexus S-
-Made by Samsung and released in December of 2010, the Nexus S still had 512mb of ram but had 16gb of storage. It also supported USB storage. It rocked a 4″ 480p VGA display. This was the first Android device to have near field communications (NFC) embedded within. This was also the first (there’s that word again) commercial smartphone to be certified by NASA for use on a space shuttle and the international space station as part of the “spheres” experiment.

Anyone remember the capacitive button layout then? Android sure has evolved. This phone was updated all the way to 4.1 Jellybean from Gingerbread. 

-Galaxy Nexus-

-Also made by Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus had a similar design language to it’s predecessor. However it was more advanced. It was the first Nexus to incorporate a dual core processor, as well as the first to have an hd display along with Samsung’s super AMOLED display tech.  It shipped with Ice cream sandwich, and updated to 4.3 Jellybean. This was the last Nexus phone to have a removable battery.

Notice the capacitive buttons have changed. It’s funny to see the progress of Android. It’s release was November of 2011. In phone terms, ancient.

-Nexus 4-

-The LG made Nexus 4 was truly an elegantly crafted phone. LG went out of their way to give us a beautiful premium feeling smartphone with that glass back and embedded glittery looking stuff. Forgive me I forgot the technical design lingo for that effect. With a full HD 1080p display (something the current gen iPhone 7 incorporates) one would say it was not bad for 2012 and one would be right. It also contained a quad-core processor and get this… Wireless charging was on board. This is the moment Google started using the number in the Nexus name to signify screen size.

-Nexus 5- 

-LG was chosen again for part two of their Nexus line of phones. LG’s previous Nexus was taken very well. The Nexus 5 had, for the time, a sweet spot in terms of size. The 5 had a 5″ screen and natural colors with the ips panel. It was the first phone to run Android 4.4 Kit-kat. The camera featured optical image stabilization or OIS. It felt nice in the hand and was an all around solid performer. The Nexus 5 was a personal favorite of mine.

-Nexus 6-

-This particular iteration was proudly made by Motorola. With it’s ring flash around the camera, Motorola dimple on the back, front facing stereo speakers (a Nexus first), and 2k ultra HD AMOLED display (also a Nexus first) one could almost forgive it’s monstrous size. As the name implies this phone was a very wide 6″ in screen diameter. I’ve personally grown to love media consumption and content creation on this size phone. Combined with the aforementioned front facing stereo speakers the experience was huge much like the phone itself. It incorporated a 13 megapixel rear shooter that was ok definitely not the best, but it did the job. The turbo charging and wireless charging features were welcomed. This launched in October 2014, running Android 5.0 Lollipop. 

-Nexus 6p & 5X-

-The Huawei Nexus 6p, as it’s earlier counterpart the Motorola Nexus 6, had a 6″ screen, however it wasn’t as wide which did make a difference in handling. One distinguishing factor between the two was the design language. Whilst the Motorola Nexus 6 went with a curved back and polycarbonate materials and 13 megapixel camera, the Huawei Nexus 6p went with a superior camera and an angular aluminum design including a rear mounted fingerprint sensor. 

It also incorporated front facing stereo speakers. Released a little over a year ago, September 2015, what you got with the vastly cheaper phone compared to the high ends of the time, was the first Nexus with a blazing fast octa-core processor, a competitive camera, and unlocked for all carriers. 

Which brings me to the  Nexus 5x launched simultaneously alongside the 6p which is the reason this is included with the 6p.  While the former was constructed by Huawei, the 5x was another Nexus designed and built by LG yet again. Making it the 3rd Nexus phone built by LG. This was aimed at a target demographic who preferred smaller sized phones without compromising specs too terribly.  It had a 5″screen at 1080p and a snapdragon hexa-core 808 processor as opposed to the 6p’s octa-core 810 processor. It was a solid performer. As well as a 100$ cheaper than the 6p’s already insanely affordable price. What I’m about to say is said a lot, I know, but the 5x felt amazing in the hand. It was a perfect one handed device. Really hit the proverbial “sweet spot”. Not to mention it also had a rear mounted fingerprint sensor. 

-So where does that leave us?  What is to become of the Nexus line? Is it gone or does it live on with a sort of rebirth as the Google Pixel and Pixel XL? Something only time will tell. Ok ok no more rhymes,….. Until next time this is PhabletGuru hoping all you Android purists out there find the inner peace we all desperately need. 

-This has been a throw back Thursday inspired blog, enjoy your Pixel or Pixel XL if you’ve ordered or received one let us know in the comments.

P.S. Stay tuned for our upcoming Google Pixel top five features/reasons to buy. 

Hope For The Switch

– Nintendo… Nintendo is that one company that we let get away with stuff, that one company we expect weird novel things from, that one company that has the power and right to do so. And with the Nintendo Switch, in my opinion without even playing one, Nintendo did what it always has done.  This episode of the PhabletGuru Saturday short was made possible by the fact that I have excruciating pain in my shoulder, neck and arm and thus nothing better to do that to dictate a blog out on my Nexus phone. 

-I am not a hardcore gamer, I’m not even really a true gamer in the modern sense of the word. At best I’m a casual gamer, at worst a Nintendo fanboy. I think I’m somewhere in between. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate the gaming world or Nintendo, on the contrary. I respect the technology and art involved in gaming, and I’ve always been a Nintendo fan. Admittedly though, I’ve barely played the Wii U. 

As far as gaming goes, I occasionally get down with some Angry Birds 2! That’s the extent of my gaming these days. With Nintendo however I usually make an exception, specifically, I’m in it for anything Mario. The only game I played briefly on my nephews Wii U was Super Mario 3d world. However, I have extensively played Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy, Super Mario World, Super Mario bros 1, 2 & 3, Super Smash bros, Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64 etc..

-This is all backstory however, to inform you that my opinions are not from a gamers perspective. These are my initial thoughts and hopes for the March 2017 release of the Nintendo Switch. Simply put the Nintendo Switch looks cool. I dig the concept. The inner-swapping aspect of the control system looks highly innovative. From 1 to 2 to 4 players and the way the controller handles that… is…. well…. different, in a good way.

-For the sake of you hardcore gamers out there I hope 3rd party support will be thriving. Something that Nintendo has always struggled with in the game department. They survive because of the immense popularity of their first party games like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Metroid. I also hope for at least 5 hours of screen on time, in the battery department. More would be great, but 5 will do. 

-Lastly, I hope consumers won’t pre-judge Nintendo and not give them a chance. The fact that you can take your game with you on a screen big enough for multiplayer action in such a unique novel way is simply inspiring and awesome. Yes I used the word awesome… Check out the video above and tell me the Switch doesn’t seem awesome.

This PhabletGuru episode of a Saturday short was brought to you in full by bedridden pain. 

A Review Out Of “Time” : I Give You The Pebble Time

– You might be wondering why I’ve chosen a smartwatch that has been out for a year and 1/2 already as a centerpiece for this review. And you wouldn’t be alone I myself am wondering the same thing, and when I respond to that question I come up with a very simple answer. The answer is because it is still valid in today’s market. Now before you lay me out to pasture let me say a couple of things real quick. Yes there are more powerful more advanced smartwatches on the market, and Yes they have more features and I recommend a majority of those. There’s just something about the pebble time that keeps me going to it. maybe it’s the 10 day battery life maybe it’s the retro feel maybe it does what we want our smartwatch to do in the simplest easiest most efficient and direct way. not to mention it’s fully compatible with both ios and android. In addition, for the five of you out there with Windows phone, it works with that platform as well.
-Battery life is….well… simply the best out of any smartwatch on the market. But this is partly due to the fact that the screen has an E ink color display that makes it extremely easy to see in broad daylight and the back light only comes on with a simple press of a button so you don’t have to have that continuously on. It has the most endurance driven battery out there, bar none. However you do sacrifice vibrant colors, and touchscreen with the screen on the Pebble Time.

-As mentioned above, it has a retro look and feel to it that draws out a certain crowd. it looks kind of like a miniaturized tube television from the 50s without the antenna as you can see in the picture above. Not to mention there are a plethora of bands to choose from online either on Pebbles own website or third party manufacturers on Amazon eBay etc. personally I love the look. I can say however, that there is one design flaw in my opinion which is the fact that the coating around the screen, on the bezel, scratches extremely easily. I do recommend getting some sort of guard to protect it. Then again this scratched up look adds a certain rugged manly worn feel. You ladies will probably want protection.

-The software is proprietary and pretty skimmed down it reminds me of an old DOSshell UI. that’s not to say it’s not very functional or feature packed because like I said earlier it does what we want our smart watches to do in a very straightforward very easy to use way. You navigate via the physical buttons on the right and one on the left. you have a microphone to reply to text messages with voice however there is a six second time limit for message responding so you need to say what you want to say very fast and very clearly.. however I can say that I haven’t noticed very many inaccuracies if any in the voice recognition software. It’s actually pretty good software. 

-See notifications at a glance, change watch faces, control your music, respond to notifications,  it does it all. I would like to salute Pebble for kickstarting the whole smart watch industry as a kickstarter campaign with the release of the original Pebble smart watch. The Pebble family of smart watches were smart watches before smart watches were even a thing. This gives Pebble bragging rights and they are known in the hood as the OG smart watch. Now I’m going to say “Smart Watches” one last time, smart watches. In fact the Pebble Time set two kickstarter records. First it became the fastest project to raise 1 million$ dollars, in 49 minutes. Secondly, The Pebble Time had the highest dollar amount of pledges out of all kickstarter campaigns totaling $13.3 million.

-Finally the price point is an alluring aspect that might make you want to purchase this watch. You can acquire one of your very own Pebble Time smart watches from third party online retailers for as little as 65$. That’s a steal if you ask me. Compared to 369$ base starting point for the Apple watch, 299$ for the Moto 360 sport, or even 149$ for the Asus Zen watch Pebble comes out on top. It is a good starting point for smart watches, a watch to get your feet wet, to build your chops or get a feel for what they bring to your mobile life. I myself enjoy mine and am anxiously awaiting the January 2017 Pebble Time 2 release.

-Until next time this is PhabletGuru wishing all the guru’s out there happy Bluetooth pairing. 

2017: What To Expect In Tech

     -First Edition Of PhabletGuru’s Geek 10-

This geek 10 list is concerning PhabletGuru’s predictions for the upcoming year in the world of tech.

  • Samsung Foldable Note 8
  • Google Car Lot
  • Augmented VR Merger
  • Modularity Evolution
  • New Nintendo System
  • A.I. In Everything
  • The Wearable Web
  • Android By Nokia
  • The Manned Drone Trend
  • 3D Printing Press

    -Now that the geek 10 list is out of the way let’s get down to the nitty gritty. A possible Samsung Foldable Galaxy Note 8 that will be foldable? Just like a real “note”? Yes, you heard it here first folks. There are rumors about a foldable Samsung phone, and or screen technology. In fact this rumor has been around for a couple of years already. My prediction is that they will incorporate this foldable screen technology into their now tainted “Note” line, in order to redeem this vastly popular series. How this incorporation will look, you’ve got me.

    -Google is at it again….actually I can’t think of a time Google wasn’t “at it”. For years they have been developing and testing their self-driving car. My divination in regards to this is that you will see in late 2017, the official launch of this future made reality by Google. The future is now folks. Google Car Lot? All the R&R that went into this futuristic automobile is immense. I shall give props to Google for this forward thinking feat. As well as every other science fiction fan ought to do.

    Virtual reality (VR) has steadily and exponential gained popularity and has now hit the mainstream with the help of several companies. I first heard of virtual reality as a boy wanting the newly released Virtua Boy by Nintendo. Later there were various sci-fi movies that presented a vision of virtual reality such as Lawnmower Man. Meanwhile augmented reality has gained ground as well with a couple of mobile apps and games namely Pokemon Go. I foresee a merger between these similar technologies, a union of tech. It would look something like Google Glass meets Oculus Rift. Throw in amazing 3d cameras and you’ve got yourself a champ. Need an escape? Want imagination at the forefront of entertainment? Then Augmented VR is our next destination.

    -With this year’s releases of the LG G5 & Moto Z and Z Force and now Z Play……people are starting to see the sheer novelty and usefulness in modularity. The G5 looses in this category compared to the”Z” family. If your not familiar with the new Moto phones I urge you to go check them out at your local Best Buy. Or better yet, you could buy an unlocked Moto Z Play online and use it on Sprint in America if you don’t want to be locked in to Verizon. Back to modularity, or modular phones, the Oracle has foretold that this modular design will evolve in the competing market. Thus giving rise to Modularity Evolution. I can foresee things like a Polaroid Moto mod, or printer/label maker mod. Moto for business?

    New Nintendo System!!! What can be said about the iconic Nintendo brand that hasn’t already been said? They are giants…nay the face of video games. That being said… I’m always excited for a new Nintendo console release. Not to mention they will be making games for mobile platforms like IOS and Android. The rumors surrounding this mysterious and hopefully blockbuster console are as follows, Xbox one/Ps4 level graphics, new control innovations as always, merging portability with console gaming in new innovative unknown ways. I for one will buy one….For my son of course. Unfortunately the people at Nintendo are masters at keeping things secret, under wraps.

    -Artificial intelligence or A.I. has become more and more prevalent in modern technology, not including the A.I. In the software of video games. We have things like Cortana, Google Now, Siri, and Alexa all of which are interactive voice assistants leading the forefront of the A.I. In Everything movement. In the next and coming years we will see A.I. infiltrate our daily lives to a point of not even recognizing or even noticing it’s presence. We see the birth of this in smart appliances and smart homes. We have refrigerators that “know” you are out of eggs and send you a message on your phone to pick some up on your way home! We have Alexa that can respond to commands and adjust the temperature in your home. We have smart sprinkler systems that learns your lawns watering needs and proceeds accordingly. This trend will continue and become more and more advanced and integrated into our daily lives. Can anyone say “Hal” or “Skynet”?

    -Wearables are smoking hot right now, especially with the Apple watch series 2 making it’s splash literally…being waterproof and all. If you’ve never played with a smart watch I highly recommend going to your local Best Buy and giving it a try. But wearables go beyond just smart watches. There are health bands, fitness trackers, wearable GPS devices etc. The more notable wearables include the Samsung Gear s3 a Samsung smart watch (that only works with Samsung phones). The Microsoft band, the Pebble Time, Fitbit Blaze etc. Of all these wearables, the Gear S2 is the most advanced forward thinking device of the bunch. This is what you call futuristic. The Wearable Web can be foreseen in this superbly designed innovative trinket. If you didn’t know, the Gear S2 is not only a health watch and a smart watch, but it’s also a phone by itself! You can leave your phone at home and this watch on your wrist, is able to make and receive voice calls!! Let that sink in. I predict a future of wearable devices connected via cellular signals such as necklaces, bands, even earrings.

    Android By Nokia? This is probably one of my fondest rumors on the web. Nokia has been in the cell phone game since the earliest times of mobile. Known for superb build quality and elegant hardware. Where they have suffered along with others, is software. Cue Android, hopefully, to liven up this previous giant in the mobile world. They had a few years stint there with Microsoft Windows mobile. Now they are free agents, I only hope they do not attempt a proprietary software like Symbian of days past. That would be a bad business move worse than choosing Windows mobile. They just need to adopt Android, being open source and all, and sell some amazing Nokia phones powered by Android. 

    -Drones, you’ve heard of them, seen them or even possibly own one. There are farmers who use them for functional purposes like herding flock, surveying land, etc. Not to mention they make totally awesome man toys!! Hint hint at the ladies, perfect gift idea for that special man in your life. Anyways, drones along with the camera technology accompanying a lot of them, have become the bee’s knees as it were. Ranging from tiny 20$ mini drones to thousands of dollars and needing to be registered with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) drones. I can foresee drones that can take a couple of passengers being developed in the next year perhaps becoming a trend in years to come. The Manned Drone Trend could possibly take the country by storm.

    -Last but certainly not least, this brings us to 3d printers. If you don’t know what these are, climb out of the proverbial rock a take a gander on YouTube. Highly advanced technology we have with 3d printers. Nothing has been more paradigm shifting in the evolution of technology than printing. The original printing press was an idea that allowed for society to become smaller in essence and grow exponentially in the sharing of ideas. Expect in 2017 a kind of 3d printing press. An advancement of 3d printing incorporating mass production for various enterprises. Enterprises ranging from prosthetic limbs, medical equipment, new construction materials, children toys, manufacturing tools etc.. This would make the world that much more innovative and imaginative whilst bringing functionality to the table. 

    This has been the first edition of the PhabletGuru Geek 10.

    And remember if you don’t eat your meat you can’t have any pudding.

    Feature Phone Nostalgia

    -A Trekkie Techie Production-

    -As you can see from the collage above, not so long ago, phones had…….. well……a bizarre style about them. A sort of avant garde, neo-retro steampunk’esque’ look. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the modern smartphone era. The power of this high tech and it’s novelty is astounding. And I wouldn’t give it up or trade it for any of these feature phones. But I feel as though we’ve lost something, a uniqueness in design that brought higher diversity in identifying with your “cell.” 
    -A cell in those days represented a part of your personality or was associated with self identity. And oh boy did we have choices galore. No phone looked alike. Every phone had a different individual design language. Some of these cell phones, later referred to as “feature phones”, were very good for the time. Admittedly there were a lot of flops like the “Taco phone” look it up or the Microsoft Kin. Regardless, with features like swivel screens, trac balls odd shapes, sliders, twisters, clickable buttons hinges etc… One wonders what happened? How did we end up with nearly every single modern smartphone being a slab? There isn’t a sufficient amount of diversity.

    -Sure now we have superior, vastly faster processors, exponentially better cameras, more intuitive innovative interconnected software and media streaming. Gyroscopes, compasses, mp3’s, and global communicative internet all encompasses the modern smartphone. In today’s age that is where the novelty has emerged, that is the personalization aspect as opposed to external design personalization. The focal point is functionality and user interface.

    -In conclusion what we gain in these modern times of high tech mobility, we loose and compromise in the design department. I for one as I’ve said before, would like to see some of these features make a comeback. In essence join the old with the new for fresh new designs. The PhabletGuru has spoken…..

    -Make it so-

    Are We Witnessing The Death Of Samsung?

    -A PhabletGuru News Brief-

    -Here is a company that rose up from under the shadows of the almighty iPhone amongst many other competitors under that shadow to become a kind of Android juggernaut of sorts. Samsung has it’s hands in so many various products it’s amazing how successful it’s Galaxy line of phones has become. I myself thoroughly enjoyed my Galaxy Note 2 & 4. This powerhouse of a reputation is in jeopardy of losing customer base and profit due to the fact that their products keep exploding! Several weeks ago the massive undertaking of a global scale recall of millions of Galaxy Note 7’s was a shocking blow to this South Korean Tech Giant. If that wasn’t bad enough several replacement Note 7’s have also caught fire and/or exploded issuing a possible death sentence to Samsung. Not to mention the incident with a Samsung washing machine supposedly exploding as well. For your safety I recommend that you not buy any Note 7’s. 

    -The Question I am left asking myself is will Samsung scrap this whole Note project completely? I don’t think Samsung could afford another global recall. Because of this fact there is another question which pops into mind, who will stand to benefit from this? Hopefully all the other players in the mobile Android space such as Motorola, LG, HTC, BlackBerry, Alcatel, Huawei, Sony etc…. Will get some much needed sales. Unfortunately In the minds of the common consumer Samsung is synonymous with Android. Working, as I do, in the mobile retail industry I can tell you that there is a percentage of people who don’t know the difference between operating systems and legitimately think that LG, HTC, etc. have proprietary operating systems (i.e. not Android). This leaves one company, one player in the mobile industry that stands to gain from Samsung’s misfortune. Namely Apple Inc. 

    -Samsung has halted all productions of the Galaxy Note 7. In the US, At&t has confirmed it is removing it from their lineup. T-Mobile and Verizon have made similar statements. Sprint is the only one not yet jumping ship, however we here a PhabletGuru expect that to change shortly. Where does that leave Samsung? Some have speculated that they are going to have an early release of their Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. Will they scrap the Note line completely? Which begs the question will we no longer see the Spen in the phablet market? The iconic stylus that has changed the way we see phablets and productivity will exist no more? I for one personally do not want that to happen. The functionality and content creation aspects that this iconic stylus brings to the table are simply amazing. Only Time will Tell the fate of Samsung and or the Note series.

    -Photo Courtesy https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com

    -A sad 😢 PhabletGuru news brief-

    Top 5 Archaic Mobile Features I’d Like To See Make A Comeback

    Today’s Tech 5 is brought to you by my disgust of the currently airing Clown Show I mean Presidential debate. Enjoy!

    A JOHN PHILLIPS Production

    -As with the ebb and flow of novelty and habit, mobile features wax and wayne with a similar progression. Features come and go and others remain, whilst some have a second coming as it were. This is my list of features I’d like to see do just that. Without further ado I give you Today’s Tech 5

    • #5. Dedicated shutter button.  

    -Maybe I’m alone on this, or maybe no one thinks about it but I remember a time when mobile phones had dedicated physical shutter buttons. ‘Scuse me sonny…. Grandpa wants his physical buttons back. Silly you say? Well no more so than a physical mute button! I could just as easily press the volume down button for literally 1 extra second to produce the same outcome. 1 second, can we not wait 1 extra second in today’s busy world? I’d rather our high end point and shoot replacement cameras on our phones, have a shutter button that would make it feel more like a camera instead of fumbling around one handed and awkwardly touch the screen to capture! Just my opinion but tis a feature all but extinct.

    • #4. Built in F.M. Transmitter 

    -This one, I’ll admit, is a bit of stretch. However, the all mighty Bluetooth and endangered headphone jack are not omnipresent as of yet or absent as the case may be. Fm radio isn’t going anywhere. It’s not as prevalent as it once was true, but still used today. It would give you the freedom of Bluetooth and be backwards compatible. I occasionally reminisce about my LG Fusic flip phone with Sprint which was a cool music’centric’ flip phone with a built in F.M. transmitter. It also had a feature along with older Nokia’s and others that leads me to…..

    • #3. Led notification lights

    -There are few that keep this feature alive. For the most part it isn’t used in the industry anymore. Luckily the most profitable of them all, Apple incorporates it, kind of. This is a sad thing. Yes vibration is cool, and yes always on features that some harness might be more efficient, but there’s just something satisfying about looking across a large room or building, and seeing a blinking red, green, or blue light in the distance alerting you to something most certainly important! My SideKick LX 09 for T-Mobile comes to mind. Those were the days indeed.

    • #2. Removable Batteries

    -In much of the current low end market this feature is king, however that doesn’t translate into the high end market sadly. Except for one lone trailblazing company LG, which holds true and sticks to their guns. Which is one feature I’m excited about among others in their upcoming V20. To go from zero percent battery to 100 percent in a matter of moments beats the fastest wireless charger on the market. Sure you have to purchase extra batteries, I remember a season not that long ago, where companies included an extra battery in the box. The unboxing experience in those days was far more enticing.

    • #1. Physical Qwerty Keyboard

    -PLEASE ALLOW ME TO SHOUT OVER ALL THE BOO’S AND HISS’S! Ok thank you lol(to use the editorial lol) that’s better…….. As with removable batteries there is an exception to this one, BlackBerry (R.I.P.) With their BlackBerry Priv released earlier this year, a sight to behold. Other than that one exception, everyone in the industry pretty much gave up on this beloved past time or Archaic feature. A feature this PhabletGuru would nostalgically love to see make a comeback. The tactile experience, the shortcut keys, the shift button etc… Was all very mini computer feeling. Regardless I hope this ancient feature doesn’t go completely extinct.