The Artist Formerly Known As BlackBerry

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-Ahh Good’Ol RIM…. Smartphones, before smartphones, was the name of the game for this innovative Canadian company. BlackBerry’s rightful place in the mobile temple of sacred artifacts has been sealed.  Can you say secure email on a cell phone? BlackBerry can, and did with the RIM 850. BlackBerry pioneered and made popular several features within the world of mobile technology focusing on email and productivity. Some of which still persist today, while other features remain endangered as it were, namely the physical qwerty keyboard. BlackBerry has been on a downward spiral for almost a decade now. This is sad news, sad news indeed.

-BlackBerry’s slow and painful move into simply a software company is now……complete. Today, CEO John Chen announced that the company “plans to end all internal hardware development and will outsource that function to partners.” TCL, owners of the Alcatel brand, building its phones under the DTEK brand, will continue partnership. This comes as a blow to the once great company known as RIM, But we all saw this coming to an inevitable end. 

-With Motorola being bought by Lenovo, the death of BlackBerry hardware, and the rapidly declining sales of HTC and LG, one is left to ask, who’s benefiting from this, and why is this happening? The answer is the same for both questions. Apple Inc. and Samsung. The two advertising giants, completely own the market. In this modern stark and dreary mobile environment we are facing today, BlackBerry and it’s uniqueness that it brought to that environment, will be missed by this PhabletGuru. I for one, will most certainly be buying the last phone made by them the BlackBerry Priv powered by Android. A definitely novel unique phone that will inevitably be a collector’s piece of technology. We (the mobile community at large) thank you for your influential part in driving the mobile tech industry forward to greater and greater levels of novelty. 

-This briefing has been brought to you in part by viewers like you-


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