IPhone 7, Boring or Snoring?

-With the IPhone 7 being announced later today at Apple’s press event, I found it necessary to jot down a few preemptive words, to put in my two cents, if you will. Even though the original IPhone topped my list of the five most influential phones of all time, I am not excited for this iteration of the overpriced smart phone. 

-My lack of enthusiasm isn’t simply because I prefer Android. My “meh” attitude stems from, not only the leaks we’ve seen, but the actual last two incarnations of this trendy brand. To put it mildly, it seems like this company found its comfort zone and refuses to depart from the tired same old same old as the case may be. It will be business as usual for Apple, however, as hoards of fanboys and followers alike, will line up for days to get their hands on a minimally refreshed IPhone 6s. I on the other hand well be anxiously awaiting the next google Nexus device or devices.

-For those of you who actually want to know what this announcement will entail, here’s what we know thus far. 

  1. New antenna bands! (Revolutionary)
  2. Slightly faster processor
  3. No headphone jack
  4. Possible dual camera on the plus version
  5. Home button replaced with force touch pad
  6. And lastly 4k video in 60fps

-There are rumors that it will be water resistant much like the galaxy S7, however wireless charging is not in sight. In my opinion the only intriguing thing is the 60 frames per second 4k shooting capabilities. The 3d touch/force touch pad, supposedly replacing the home button, seems kinda gimmicky if you ask me. 

-Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Apple and it’s place in the market and can recognize it’s influence in the mobile arena. I acknowledge it’s simplicity and ease of use (In some areas) and it’s inherent beauty within it’s build quality and premium feel in hand. However, that being said, I can not help but feel unimpressed and “blah” with the whole IPhone thing. I have much more diversity and choices and features in the mobile phone space with Android. You can keep your Apple logo, I’ll take variety over corporate logos any day of the week.

Until next time this is the PhabletGuru wishing all you mobile phone nerds out there a happy Hallogivingmas. And remember you can’t spell phone without “one”.


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