Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

-We all love and know Instagram, Snapchat, and things of the sort. This is not that list. These are versatile and fun yet powerful apps for photo editing. These are apps I personally use. Try them out you might enjoy them. Without further ado I give you today’s Tech 5

  • #5. Photoshop Mix

    -This is an app that requires one thing, an Adobe registration. No worries however, you can set one up for free. After that’s out of the way what you have is a very useful handy editing app. Seamlessly join two or more pictures, whilst simultaneously adjusting contrast, temperature, exposure, highlights, shadows and more. A perfect app for blending a foreground picture or image with a background picture or image. This is a feature required from time to time. 

    • #4. Pic Collage

    -Every single one of us editing fiends needs a good ol collage app. Pic Collage more than delivers and satisfies our collage making addictions. Very user friendly and intuitive. Create collages from scratch or use templates. You can even pinch to zoom and rotate pictures to fit any which way you can or want.

    • #3. Prisma

    -Prisma is one of those fun, extremely artistic photo apps that has gorgeous filter processing and eye catching rendering techniques. Bring a touch of awe to your photos with this popular editing app. This app is particularly useful for nature pictures as well as portraits. A little on the avant garde side of things, this is for the artist in all of us. 

    • #2. Pixlr

    -This is an intricate versatile editing app for the professional and enthusiast alike.With over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters, Pixlr is sure to satisfy our inner need for editing! With things ranging from digital restoration tools like shine and shade spot correction to a multitude of fonts, overlays, effects, borders saturation and blur tools. Sliding filters help to tweak that balance level. This is definitely an all in one photo editing app for most people. Go download it, you won’t regret it. I am particularly fond of the fonts available for meme creation. (Helpful hint only type 3-4 words per line or you will get an extremely long single line of text). All the filter presets are gorgeous. This is a must have.

    • #1. PicsArt Photo Studio

    -PicsArt is perhaps my personal all time favorite photo editing app. The end all be all photo app on Android and iOS. PicsArt is most definitely innovative and fun. This wildly popular editing app brings so much diversity and control to the table one could get lost in it, and believe me, one has. With a feature called free crop you can essentially crop out a human figure or face or anything really, from any given picture, and add it to another. Amazing artistic effects like polygon, oil and fatal (with full manual controls, mind you) bring truly unique beautiful results. An extensive shop with effects, filters, tools, fonts and more brings a wide array of possible timeless pieces available at your fingertips. Add colorful perfectly positioned lens flares or stickers to your photo’s. Create meme’s and over the top self portraits. Participate in the PicsArt community photo contests. Get inspired and create not merely edited photos but works of art!                   -P.S. Use in conjunction with the other top five photo editing apps for extra uniqueness!!

    -Honourable mention…… WordSwag….. Amazing professional style graphic designer created and inspired Font App. This is handy for title photos for blogs, inspirational meme’s, photos incorporated into articles etc… Check it out. It was used in the title photo of this blog, today’s tech 5. 

    This ends another edition of Today’s Tech 5. By law I am obligated to tell you no apps were harmed in the making of this blog. All proceeds go to the hungry apps fund, a Meme’s R Us subsidiary. This is PhabletGuru wishing all you editing fiends a perfect white balance and focus.


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