-In the current “OS” battle that has been waged within the mobile space, there are two contenders, two adversaries competing for your heart, and money. IOS & Android, or…. Apple and Google. Who’s better? I’m personally not going to cop out and say “well that is dependant upon personal preference”. I’m going to flat out say, right here at the first who, in my opinion is superior. I will skip to the end to accommodate short attention spans. Not to say any of my potential readers are such people. I just like getting to the point. The answer to the infamous question, a question that has plagued the ancients since the dawn of the G1, is a simple one….. Android. Calm down now, let me elaborate to the half that are left. You might call it preaching to the choir at this point. 

-Not to say iOS or iPhone or Apple are bad, really, just Android is superior. Well, correction, high end Androids are superior. And only when battling iPhone directly. However the vast diversity you have in Android (including low end emerging market devices) is one of the reasons I consider Android superior. 

-It (Android) caters to all walks of life and social statuses. They aren’t an elitists o.s. I can go into any best buy, and purchase a prepaid Moto E for around 30$. A working smartphone, a device that is not only a cellular phone but a GPS device, an mp3 player, a camcorder/camera, a means to stay connected to the internet and people across the globe, device…. For 30$!!! That’s amazing. All with technology and processing power that trumps the first computers. Can you get a modern iPhone for 30$? The answer is a crushing no. With Android you have choices for all economic classes and lifestyles and mobile preferences. Phones ranging from the earlier insane price of 30$ to upwards of  1,000$ can be found in the diverse Android marketplace…….. Ughhghgmm.. 

-Here’s a random list of features and or technology completely alien to iPhone/ios. 

  1. Home screen widgets
  2. Quick charge technology
  3. Open source
  4. 2k or QuadHD ultra high definition screen
  5. Wireless charging
  6. Expandable storage
  7. Water resistant
  8. Shatter proof screen
  9. Modular ecosystem
  10. Stereo Front facing speakers
  11. Curved displays
  12. Google integration
  13. Customization and personalization

-Not all Androids will have all these things, which brings me back to choices and diversity. The fact that we have these options proves the most flexible diverse innovative o.s. out there in mobile tech, is Google’s own Android. If you’re an Apple fanboy and still reading this congratulations, you are part of a minority. Now, c’mon over to the good side of the force. Don’t become an Apple Sith.


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  1. Cold Spring says:

    Yes I totally agree that Android is better for most people than iphone, for all the things you stated. There are many many more things which Android have not present on iphone, two of the biggest for me are 1) removable battery, which is a life saver for heavy user like me. I can be sure I never run out of juice for my smart phone. and 2) S-pen. S-pen is wonderful implement, and I wish more smart phones had it other than Note series, but it’s huge productivity booster for doing any serious work! Only thing I can think of that iphone does better than Android is that it’s software is better optimized for hardware – but that’s getting to be increasingly diminishing edge as Android phones are becoming very powerful, even at the low end. Overall, my family used to be big customer for iphones, with 6 people using iphones, but now we are switching to Android phones, just because it’s better, and more choices are there. Like original Ford Model T which came in only one color, iphone is great as long as your favorite color is black

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    1. PhabletGuru says:

      I agree….. However over thing,… It is sad that removable batteries are becoming extinct, they are endangered right now, as it were.


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