What’s So Exciting About Modularity?

-What’s so exciting about modularity you might ask? Well to start with, everything! In regards to smartphones and mobile technology it’s all the buzz around the phone hive. If you haven’t heard of modularity or modular phones, then you’re probably not reading this. If you are, and chances are… You……are… then you’ve been dreaming for Project Ara to become a reality. If not that, then something similar, I would think, fills your hopeful wishes.

-To answer the above mentioned question, modularity, in essence, involves at the center point of the experience, interchangeable and or upgradable parts. In other words, they are exciting because they would have swappable pieces for the phone. Don’t like your camera anymore, but still like other parts of your phone? That’s ok,…purchase a camera module with better optics and replace your camera with a simple click, much like you could with batteries in phones of yesteryear. Instead of disposing your whole phone for a brand new one, like most of us if not all of us, currently do. This would be the “greenest” way to fulfill the need for upgrading. Just research Project Ara, you will see the potential in it’s concept. On with the blog……

-Enter The Moto Z and Moto Z Force, or in America the Droid Z & Droid Z Force respectively. Where there is Droid there is Verizon. At least for awhile. Lenovo will offer unlocked versions somewhere around September. Dropping the “droid” name and going Moto Z and Moto Z Force. Until then, if you can’t wait, Verizon is doing a buyout program at corporate stores nationwide.

-This phone is enticing enough to bring customers over to America’s largest most reliable network. Big Red, as we affectionately like to refer to them here at PhabletGuru, are unveiling the most undeniably unique phone this side of the iPhone. A modular phone, at least one that’s the closest we’ve ever had to becoming a reality. I’m going to skip the boring high end spec checklist and praising of the beauty of its aesthetics. And go right into the innovative uniqueness that separates this phone from all other current flagships, modules, as you may have guessed. With three available at launch, and more to come, these magnetic attachments via an 18 pin connector on the back, will allow the phone ecosystem to expand and become more versatile. Here are the three attachments available upon release.

  1. The Battery Mod pack……back. This definitely thickens the device to say the least however adding massive battery expansion to your precious. There will be various third party battery backs on launch.
  2. The JBL speaker attachment… This is the one I’m looking forward to. It will have its own battery supply, and a kickstand! Get your groove on with this remarkably loud speaker.
  3. The pico-projector with tilting kickstand (even straight up) which is built in as well. With this you will be able to Project up to 70 inches on any wall or surface. My lips have now gone numb.

-If you’re still with me,  I’ve saved the best for last. Repeat after me……style mods. Ahhh, doesn’t that sound good? A wood paneled back is reported to be included with your purchase. With other options of materials and colors available to buy separately, you can spice up your phone and personalize and or customize to your hearts content. Choose from leather, wood, ballistic nylon, red, purple, black and blue galore. All with a simple pop onto the magnetic back. No need to turn it off or download separate apps or mess with buttons and snap on plastic locks. Even with the modular attachments like the projector.

-Lenovo is also offering a developer kit to aid in creating mods for third party developers. The sky is the limit, I wouldn’t be surprised to see VR and or augmented reality modular attachments in the near future. Or perhaps various camera attachments.  Whatever the future might bring, one cannot deny the exciting possibilities ahead.                                        The future is now
-Until next time this is the PhabletGuru reminding you…. once you go big………


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