Samsung Galaxy Note “7”??

-The first Samsung Galaxy Note shockingly burst onto the scene in October 2011 & it’s been nearly five years! FlashForward to 2016 and the Note series has become one of the most successful series in cell phone history. As we approach the release of their upcoming Galaxy Note 7, rumors sure are buzzing around the net, or as I like to refer to it (nostalgically so) as the World Wide Web. With it’s monstrously huge (for the time) 5.3 inch screen and blazing fast dual core processor… the original Samsung Galaxy Note was a trailblazer, to say the least. Something to which they continue to aspire to.

-Rumors surrounding their latest iteration in this prestigious line gives hope to a continuation of their wildly popular phablets devices. Word around the courtyard is that there will be much improvements over the previous five big boys. All the while keeping that one special thing that separates this line of phones from the rest, the all mighty immortal “S”Pen.

-Back to the aforementioned rumors, can you say Iris scanner, 4k display, and……. 6, yes 6, gigs of ram? Now say it without the drool. Although none of these rumors are confirmed nor set in stone, we mobile nerds remain diligently hopeful. Personally, I hope that the 4K display rumor is true. I am a screen junkie after all.

-Had it not been for the original Samsung Galaxy Note, we might not have phones today any larger than 4.5” displays. They pushed the envelope, literally, creating a new niche’. A push that grew the entire cellphone industry and market, again literally. Apple might not have even felt the need to create the plus series (5.5 inches). What’s worse is I might not have even come up with the name PhabletGuru, because the original Note was the original phablet some would say. I personally did not own the original Note. I jumped on board with the second-generation, skipped the third, and then tried my hands with the Galaxy note 4 before leaving to search out greener pastures with the Nexus 6. Youknow what they say, once you go big… Anyways, I digress, the functionality and productivity it brings to the proverbial table is unmatched as of currently.

-Some people might ask what happened to the Note 6?  To answer that question we will have to discuss the Galaxy S6. As painful as it might be to bring up this particular phone, I think the answer is obvious. It had no memory card (a kind of trademark of Samsung devices) and a horrible battery life. The negative feelings surrounding that phone play an important part in why they chose to skip to the 7. In addition to it being confusing that the Galaxy Note 5 was superior to and was released after the Galaxy S6. It just makes sense to have all your devices streamlined with the same number.

-Samsung has indeed created a legend with the Note line. This Phablet Guru is excited to see what’s in store for this, royalty status phone, in the phablet market.  The future is bright and shimmery with gleaming digitizers and air command galore. On the horizon is optic security with the iris scanner, and a new day will dawn. In the blink of an eye the future is now. Oh, And Samsung……if you could, lighten up on the touchwiz.

-Until next time this is John Phillips signing off.

Sincerely,…..-The PhabletGuru-


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