Top Five most influential/innovative phones of all time! 

-How would one define influential? How would one even judge such a list? What constitutes innovative? Where would one even start? Questions I may or may not answer. Thus,….boring introductions aside, here are my top 5 of all time.

  • #5 Motorola DynaTAC

– In the beginning there was light. That light would forever change the course of humanity. The collective minds of mankind would now be mobile, a global Giant Demiurge was born, and his given name was DynaTAC of Motorola! The year was 1973, And the first publicized mobile phone call was made by Martin Cooper on the Motorola DynaTAC. It’s safe to see why this starts the list off. Pressing onwards towards the light, Motorola is now owned by Lenovo. Days of yesteryear shine in the limelight of nostalgia,  days in which Motorola was THE name in the mobile landscape. Once again, with hopeful luck, Motorola is on the cusp of innovation. Stay tuned to your nightly broadcast for more.

  • #4 BlackBerry RIM 850

-Ahh Good’Ol RIM…. Smartphones, before smartphones, was the name of the game for this innovative Canadian company. BlackBerry’s rightful place in the mobile temple of sacred artifacts has been sealed.  Can you say secure email on a cell phone? BlackBerry can, and did with the RIM 850. BlackBerry pioneered and made popular several features within the world of mobile technology focusing on email and productivity. Some of which still persist today, while other features remain endangered as it were, namely the physical qwerty keyboard. Enough with the build up, you get the picture …. They were kings, mainly among business professionals,.. And consumers throughout the years,…however, the RIM 850, is perhaps recognized as the most iconic/innovative device in BlackBerry’s arsenal. With their new high end flagship device (the Priv) running Android, BlackBerry hopes to make a comeback. 

  • #3 HTC G1 (Dream)

-This is one that, for me, transformed my mobile experience. And, as you shall see, earns it’s keep in this list of the who’s who, the Bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas as the young folk might say. All hipster lingo aside, in the world of Android, this was the first Adam, to use Gnostic terminology. The alpha-omega, (no pun intended) blasted on to the scene in circa 2008, also known as the HTC Dream, or in the states, the T-Mobile G1. The world’s very first Android device which was, as Noah Kravitz (previously of called it, “A game changer”. In the shadow of the IPhone, this Linux based Android operating system climbed insurmountable heights to one day be the global Giant that it is today. Android is used on more mobile devices than any other O.S. and it started with the G1. Android, and with it HTC, brought into the market (a market of 3 at the time) customization, openness, a notification system, and Google integration. Not to mention home screen widgets! Being able to personalize your home screens (of which there were only 3)  with wallpapers, informative widgets, and truly make it fit your personality, was an extremely satisfying novel experience. This was an experience you couldn’t get with the three big boys of the time, iOS, BlackBerry OS, or Symbian OS (formerly of Nokia).  Which brings me to our next Iconic “Cell” phone….

  • #2 Nokia 3310

-Before they were called phablets, before they were known as Feature phones, before IPhone, Android or Windows phones, even before the nomenclature of “mobile” they were deemed “Cell phones”. It was in this golden era of the modern cell phone age, equivalent to the roaring twenties, that the birth of the Nokia 3310 took place. This phone was born in a manger, and could walk on water and raise the dead! The ancient prophecy that had foretold of a phone to come, a phone to unite the people, a phone that would bring light to darkness, had been fulfilled. Are you tired of the references yet? Seriously though, if ever there was an iconic cell phone the Nokia 3310 was it. This phone (or tank, or brick as some have referred to it as) coincided or perhaps helped create the booming industry. Everyone now had a cell phone, and chances are it was the Nokia 3310. It was 2000 in the year of our Lord. And Nokia was spreading the good news, the holy gospel of the global cellular network. Nokia had become a giant, a behemoth, a household name if you will. To top it off, with a sweet nostalgic cherry, we had……. wait for it….. Snake.

  • #1 The IPhone

-Keep in mind this is coming from someone who greatly prefers Android over IPhone, as my daily driver. But this is not a favorites list, nor is it a list declaring supremacy. This is a list of the all time top five most influential/ innovative phones. Taking that into consideration I have to give it up to, give props for, and or recognize the mondo influence and innovation this God of smartphones has had on the industry. The original Iphone was both the bearer of a rebirth, a Renaissance, and a staple of a time passing, a destroyer of worlds. It came in the era of the feature phone. It was OT’ 7 (That’s 2007, to keep the whole motif going) and there was a wide diversity within the aesthetics of phones.There were slider Phones, T-Mobile’s swiveling sidekick line. There were bar style phones successors and copiers of the Nokia family. The most popular phone of the time was the original Motorola Razr (A flip phone). There was a golden dawn looming on the horizon and the stars were aligned. An awakening was nigh. Cue the iPhone. A completely revolutionary and innovative phone it was. But above and beyond that, the iPhone was influential in the market, to say the least. It set the bar. The iPhone drove the competition towards more and more complex and powerful devices. One of the most important aspects of the newly launched iPhone was DAT screen (sorry I couldn’t resist). Not so much the resolution aspect of it, but it’s capacitive touch screen technology. Which seemed like it was centuries ahead of the now lame resistive touch screen technology. Not to mention the “app” concept being what it was, suffice to say, the iPhone oozed novelty into the lives of modern man. One last thing……. FaceTime!

-Honourable Mentions that didn’t make the cut, it was very hard to keep them out.

  1. Palm Pre
  2. T-Mobile SideKick LX 09
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note

-This ends another edition of the Tech Five. Join us next time and see if Little Timmy makes it out of the well.


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