Top Five Underdog Phones Of 2016

– We have all seen, read, and watched reviews on the IPhone 6s, and the Galaxy S7 lineup. Luckily this isn’t another boring review on either of those camps. In this Blog I want to talk about the underdogs. The lesser knowns if you will, in the smartphone world. These aforementioned underdogs are the ones risking everything for design, uniqueness, and innovation, trying desperately to woo us. Below I will give five smartphones I believe are the ones best fitting to this category. Welcome to the First Edition of PhabletGuru’s TECH 5.

  • #5. Verizon’s Motorola Droid Turbo 2

-Starting off the list is a company that has continued to innovate throughout the last half of the century. A company that never ceases to amaze. A company we owe the existence of mobile phones to. Motorola invented the handheld mobile phone in 1973 with the introduction of the DYNAtec. They gave us the RAZR, The original “DROID” the Moto X line, the Moto 360 smart watch and lastly, The Droid Turbo 2. This is the world’s very first shatterproof smartphone display. With a near stock android build, 23 megapixel camera, 2K resolution, and a up to 2 terabyte expandable storage!

  • #4. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

-Weather it’s rights to Spider-Man, high end console gaming with the PlayStation 4, pumping out premium Televisions with cutting edge technology or innovating smartphones, it’s safe to say Sony is a company dedicated to technology and entertainment. The latest in Sony’s smartphone family is also a world’s first. The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium boasts a 4k ultra high definition display. That in of itself is reason to be worthy of this list. Not to mention it’s elegant design and flagship specs. The Z5 family also pairs with the PlayStation 4 for extra functionality and gaming, making for a pretty enticing ecosystem.

  • #3. LG G5

-LG (Life’s Good) is a company that has been making phones for quite some time. From flip phones to smartphones and feature phones in between, one can call this giant a seasoned vet. LG has a diverse range of products. They produce high end televisions, and home appliances, as well as Bluetooth headsets and smartphones. It would seem in the world of modern smartphones they are a dying breed. Namely the fact that they still have removable batteries, a trait going the way of the dinosaur. They continue this feature in their new flagship the G5. But, not so run of the mill, is the semi-modular design incorporated therein. Pop the bottom off and replace with accessories ranging from camera attachments to DAC audio modules. And with an added unique bonus to the semi-modularity aspect of the phone you also get a wide angle camera paired with a normal camera for a unique dual camera setup.

  • #2. BlackBerry Priv

-Chances are, if you consider yourself a phone nerd, as the case may be, then you probably owned a BlackBerry device. A long time ago, in a tech world far far away…BlackBerry held the ranks of mobile king. A Canadian company that skyrocketed up the mobile charts to become smartphones, before smartphones. Great for business professionals and average consumers alike, I mean email on my phone yeah!!! Flash forward to the modern era and the king of days passed is struggling to exist. The introduction of the first iPhone initially made it hard for companies like BlackBerry to profit. With the help of Android o.s. BlackBerry is hoping for a comeback. What, might you ask, is justification for their new Android smartphone being on this list? I dunno….. how about a modern high end flagship Android smartphone with a physical qwerty keyboard, and curved display! Yes yes, the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge also has a curved screen, but the added qwerty keyboard that doubles as a trackpad interface gives the Priv the “edge” over the S7 no pun intended. Not to mention, as with the LG G5, it supports a micro sd card slot up to 2 terabytes. It has a 2k (quad HD) amoled display. The Priv also houses an 18 megapixel camera, snapdragon processor, and added BlackBerry security and minimal BlackBerry software. This is all on top of a near stock build of Android which gives consumers something intriguing to consider. On a side note, the backing material (which BlackBerry owns a patent of) feels extremely premium in the hand. Nostalgia is the name of the game.

  • #1 Motorola Moto Z Force.

– Topping off this list is a second entry for Motorola. The Moto Z Force, along with the LG G5, tries it’s hand at modularity. Modular phones found their way into the limelight several years back with Project Aura. Basically modular phones support the idea of replacing parts or, modules, instead of upgrading the whole phone. Which in theory would be more Environmentally sound and cost effective. You Like your camera? But want a better display? No problem buy a screen module and swap it out. You get the idea. However much like the LG G5 the Z Force falls short of this. That isn’t to say it’s not unique or innovative. Because this is an exciting concept. And Motorola delivers on the innovation. The back of the phone sports strong magnetic connectors to customize and personalize the backing as well as add nifty attachments. Like a Pico projector module or high fidelity speaker. This phone also brings the Droid Turbo 2’s shatter proof display, however instead of being IPS, it is AMOLED. Pair that with the 21 megapixel optical setup and the 4 gigs of ram and you have yourself a mouthwatering unique flagship phone. Hopefully this is a sign that Lenovo (who recently purchased Motorola) is bringing good things to the Moto line. Only time will tell.

-That’s my top five underdog phones of 2016. Stay tuned for more to come. This ends our daily broadcast.



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