Google = Apple = SkyNet?

Google has done it again, if ever SkyNet were to become a reality, it would be Google behind it. However that being said, they continue to amaze and innovate. Dare I say or pose the question is Google the new Apple? Could this be due to the passing of the great Steve Jobs? In any regards, Google has patented a contact lens, an electronic lens, that could revolutionize human interaction with technology. This lens would be controlled through blinking and have cameras. Which in theory could have ultra zoom capabilities as well as perhaps aiding in various forms of blindness and degenerative eye diseases.
Google’s revolutionary product Google Glass and a little known Google product which are tear-monitoring contacts, are actually aimed at helping diabetics review their blood glucose levels. However they come together to produce something unimaginable twenty years ago.
The micro camera installed Is key. From a technological standpoint. Although,The lenses’ sensors are just as groundbreakingly inspiring and they can “detect light, colors, pattern of colors, objects, faces, motion, or any other suitable information.” Says Google. This is very interestingly announced from a marketing perspective. As Google recently announced it will sell Google Glass to the public for one day.


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