In the age of the phablet

Like it or not, phablets are here to stay

The term “phablet” (phone/tablet hybrid) is not only a fun word to say, it’s a trend that is here to stay. Although it’s true origins as a word, it’s philology, may never be known. There is one man, however, who claims to have first used it in print. Mr. Dan Warren of the GSMA, said about the Dell Streak phone-tablet device, “Some say phone, some say tablet. To me it’s a phablet”. He has confirmed that he is responsible. That epistemology is debatable, some claim the tech website Endgadget was the first to use the word, regardless of who actually coined the term the fact remains that the phablet, both as a word and a form factor, are here for the long haul.

Technology evolves so quickly, and those of us who consider themselves mobile tech nerds or phone geeks, know this all to well. Just a short while ago 4″ screens seemed monstrous. Ironically by today’s standards (excluding iphone lovers) that would be considered small and antiquated. The average sized high end smart phone these days is 4.7 inches to 5 inches, & technically speaking screen sizes that equate phablet territory would be anything between 5 inches (such as the lg nexus 5) and the biggest of the big boys the Sony Xperia z ultra’s 6.4″ display. However, with increasingly larger screen sizes, the entry level display size might go up.

Whether you have the Samsung galaxy mega, the Sony Xperia Z ultra, the newly released HTC one max or the Windows 8 based Nokia Lumia 1520, my guess is you are the proud owner of a phablet device, as well you should be. You are part of the trend setters club, because the more the industry sees consumers buying these large screen tab-phones, or phablets. The more they will produce them with increasing innovation and cutting edge technology. Competition in a open free market, as we know, drives innovation and brings us sexier looking more practical high end phablet devices. Which is all any self respecting phablet guru really wants.


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